Friday, January 3, 2014

Day, Month and Year...Happy New Year

Someone asked me about my New Year Resolution. For me the twelve months of a year or 52 weeks and 365 days that make a year counts less than the lifetime I have to live. So my everyday resolution is to live a life and make way to avoid strife and be friendly and leave all negativity behind. So no special resolution for 2014.

Each day has a new story to weave in Life's chapter. A writer writes a novel including so many chapters to give the final touch to his/her story. Same way I feel every single day, with all the activities and moods, every time and hour spent has different slide-show of life.

This year, 2014, will also have so many things in store which I -- why did I say is for all, will face as time passes.

Life is so beautiful, and, it is we who can make it such. Duties have to be done and many emotions have to be tackled very sensibly.

With the passage of time and age, many things are learnt and many compromises have to be made to lead a happy life.

So why go for a resolution on a New Year day when we can solve our own everyday affair tactfully.

Life is not a tangent but a reality to be experienced. Explore all the ways of life and try to be happy and make others happy, do good with no thought of a return, do justice and live to one's own expectations, that's my feeling and thought.

Wish you all "Happy New Year".  

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