Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Conversation – A start for a Daily Write-up

Today I chose to write on Conversation. Conversation is nothing special, but a daily affair. This is how we talk to each other and share and exchange ideas.

Just imagine a world without Conversation.

It is mostly men who say women talk a lot. Women who are homemakers spend their time at home looking after the home and in that get busy. And the spare time spent conversing on the phone or a chat now and then with the neighbours. What would this poor soul do without such a liberty

At times too much talking leads to sharing of many thoughts with others. There are some who take advantage of this and then gossip with others. The sharing may have been on something that needed to be kept secret – a lady’s stomach, don’t mean all ladies, cannot hold it long -- but some have the habit of spreading rumours.  Better to control one-self while divulging certain things that need to remain within the family members only.

In a family there need to be chat and exchange of dialogue. Talking with one another and sharing of thoughts and ideas makes up a healthy atmosphere in a family.

It is really difficult to keep mum the whole day without talking. Then if one has taken up a challenge not to talk for a day or more for some strong reasons like working on a therapy that is welcome. But not to converse with one another can make life difficult. Talk as much as necessary and not be named as a ‘Chatter box’.

Sometimes who talk too much, get pleasure in speaking all the time but ultimately end up talking un-meaningful things which is considered as non-sense by the listener. These people are hardly heard when they go on jabbering all the while…listeners lose their patience.

Conversation and talking is necessary for survival. It is better not to cross a line but draw one and stay within limits.

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