Friday, January 31, 2014

That Afternoon -- My Daily Write-up

The winter winds were blowing on that afternoon when I went all alone to the sea-side. The sea has always attracted me. This time, while others preferred an afternoon nap, I decided to walk along the long stretch of the sand along the beach.

The sun gave me company…as I felt the sun to be with me. There were so many others on the beach, but they were unknown. I enjoyed the company of the sun as it touched on me with the bright afternoon sunshine, giving me a bit of warmth on that cold November day. The sand had also soaked in some heat and was giving out warmth. If the summer’s sun would have been there, Oouch! The sand would have given the hurt to the feet.

The beach was like a fest of its kind. So colouful…people hanging around in clothes of different shades. People from far and near hounded the beach…some running into the water and then coming back, some inclined to go in for a bath but fear lingering in their minds. Children ran towards the gushing waves that washed the beach as each and every wave made the roaring noise to come forward but receded effortlessly without that loud sound. It was a sight to watch.

I stood at one place to see all that was going on between the people and the sea waters and then moved on. My destination was not motivated or designed, but I walked on with my footfall, forward and forward and forward and....

At one time I sat on the sandy beach and watched the waves…a creation even science cannot contest. Magical!  Up and down moved the waters, sometimes coming up close to my feet to soak them and create a different feeling in me. The blue waters stretched my gaze to the horizon, and beyond that what was there was a mystery for my eyes.

Fishing boats had gone in and moving about to get the catch of the day. How much these simple fishermen depended on their daily catch. Some days a good haul could give them lots of money and some days could cheat them from getting the good catch they had expected.

I looked at the sun from where I was sitting. The rays fell on the waters and the waves worked with it like conjurers. Soon the sun began to dip, a sight that said it was time for sunset.

Got up, dusted the sand that had stuck to my clothes and was soon back on my way. As I retreated, saw so many sand blocks made by children as they played while their parents kept a watch on them. I remembered my childhood sand house built on the beach to be washed away with the big breakers that came, for nothing is permanent on the sandy beach. Nature has its own rules and laws…am I right in justifying this?  Don’t know how correct I am but for sure it was a great afternoon spent with the sun, sand, the waves and the water.

That’s the magic of the sea-side.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Today’s choice -- The word A for my Daily Write-up

When we think of the alphabet A, the first thing that comes to mind is about apple. I have glazed the skin of the apple that I’m biting now, rubbing it against the sari that I’m wearing and giving it a shine. That’s how my fruit vendor does…rub each and every apple on his pants, up and down on the outer thigh to give it a shine…and I’ve tried this act several times. It is fun and also the red skin gives out a glow. Can this happen to the cheeks…get that tinge of red by rubbing? No way, the soft skin will get an injury.

A for Apple
How much truth is there in the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? A simple comparison to this is all about the benefits the apple gives the body. It is fruit that is liked by people and eaten without fuss.

When a child first starts learning English, the first letter A relates to apple…the child repeats ‘A for apple, B for…’ and so it goes on.

Apple can be carried without fuss and eaten whenever one wants. Apple is good combination for mixed fruit salad. Add apple to custard and the fruit custard tastes heavenly. Make jam or jelly, that’s another way of doing with it. Serve a plateful of sliced apples to guests and they’ll never deny it.

It’s been an “Apple apple writing here”, and that is all because I chose this word A and that’s made all the hullaballoo with my writing today.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Conversation – A start for a Daily Write-up

Today I chose to write on Conversation. Conversation is nothing special, but a daily affair. This is how we talk to each other and share and exchange ideas.

Just imagine a world without Conversation.

It is mostly men who say women talk a lot. Women who are homemakers spend their time at home looking after the home and in that get busy. And the spare time spent conversing on the phone or a chat now and then with the neighbours. What would this poor soul do without such a liberty

At times too much talking leads to sharing of many thoughts with others. There are some who take advantage of this and then gossip with others. The sharing may have been on something that needed to be kept secret – a lady’s stomach, don’t mean all ladies, cannot hold it long -- but some have the habit of spreading rumours.  Better to control one-self while divulging certain things that need to remain within the family members only.

In a family there need to be chat and exchange of dialogue. Talking with one another and sharing of thoughts and ideas makes up a healthy atmosphere in a family.

It is really difficult to keep mum the whole day without talking. Then if one has taken up a challenge not to talk for a day or more for some strong reasons like working on a therapy that is welcome. But not to converse with one another can make life difficult. Talk as much as necessary and not be named as a ‘Chatter box’.

Sometimes who talk too much, get pleasure in speaking all the time but ultimately end up talking un-meaningful things which is considered as non-sense by the listener. These people are hardly heard when they go on jabbering all the while…listeners lose their patience.

Conversation and talking is necessary for survival. It is better not to cross a line but draw one and stay within limits.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Knowing Creative Art -- Advantage or Disadvantage

Yesterday I sat for about an hour and a half to stitch a Sari Fall. But many may prefer to give it to a tailor in the neighbourhood or get this simple work done by someone else. There are some helping hands, apart from helping the Memsaab at home, does these simple needle work and earn some extra money.

I find no harm in getting a work done with some help. There was a smile on my face to think I am lucky that I can do it. I recollect my schooldays where we had one period in a week for Needle-work. There used to be a teacher, who was so good and taught us so much. Simple stitches from Tacking (long stitches to fasten), Hemming, Blanket stitch, Cross stitch, Chain stitch, the Lazy Daisy, then there was the Feather stitch, the Fern stitch, Button-hole stitch, and some embroidery work. I remember how we got square white cloth pieces, the right size of a hanky, and worked on it. Little colourful flowers came up with the help of Lazy Daisy stitch and the Stem stitch for the stalks of the flowers. Such beautiful experience which is helpful till date.

If the school had not given us this chance of learning the needle work, I think my Ma’s interest in this sort of creative work would surely have made me learn it. The beautiful pieces of table cloths with all the special embroidery on it, pillow covers had so many colours added to them with multi-coloured threads, were works of my lovely Mother … worth appreciation. I also learnt Crochet work from my Mother. Beautiful design laces were knitted with the crochet hook and Bengali ladies liked the laces to be stitched to the length-drop of their petticoats, something they were really proud of in showing off their hand-made lace.

I remember, the first time when I tried with thread and the crochet hook, it seemed so difficult. But the words, “Try, try, try again and you will succeed at last”, kept ringing in my ears and I did not give up instead learnt this (not so) difficult creative work.

There was a time when elders and children preferred hand-knit sweaters, cardigans, shawls, mufflers, different design caps and many more things. So in winter, knitting was something the girls at home learnt and were good at it. That’s the reason I also knitted a lot and my children when they were small they wore sweaters made by me. Till date my elder son likes to wear my hand-knit sweaters apart from the ones bought from the market. It was interesting to learn new designs and also rake up the brain to come up with something new. Whenever I came up with something new and interesting I shared with friends who had a knack for it.

In our house there was a Singer sewing machine which worked on foot and also could be converted to hand-use also. Having interest in working on the sewing machine, I started stitching my skirt at a very young age. Skirts are easy to make but later on stitched many things and also for my little boys…of course till they were small. I liked stitching my own blouses, for they fitted vey well as I took pain to see the fitting from one step to another for perfection. But if you ask me now, I simply say, the cloth goes to the tailor to get the finished product.

I don’t know why I came up with this topic today…maybe my mind wanted to share it with my Blog-friends. There is no boasting of facts and I don’t want to credit myself.

Yes, now it strikes me to why I mentioned all this. All because, these days very few girls get the opportunity or have crave to learn all this. Everything is available in the market. Most ladies and girls will say, “Why all the pain and waste of time.”

I feel learning never stops. Any small thing that is learnt always yields good result. And the joy in seeing and wearing something made with our own hands, putting time and patience together,  is always a reward to one’s own self…the joy and happiness speaks out later on.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Simplicity and Happiness

Read and liked this, so sharing it with you all

One day, a rich dad took his son on a trip. Wanted to show him how poor someone can be. They spent time on the farm of a poor family. On the way home, dad asked, "Did you see how poor they are? What did you learn?".

Son said, "We have one dog, they have four, we have pool, they have rivers, we have lanterns at night, they have stars, we buy foods, they grow theirs, we have walls to protect us, they have friends, we have encyclopedias, they have Bible." Then they headed, "Thanks dad for showing me how poor we are.."

MORAL LESSON: It's not about money that make us rich, it's about simplicity of having God in our lives.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Day, Month and Year...Happy New Year

Someone asked me about my New Year Resolution. For me the twelve months of a year or 52 weeks and 365 days that make a year counts less than the lifetime I have to live. So my everyday resolution is to live a life and make way to avoid strife and be friendly and leave all negativity behind. So no special resolution for 2014.

Each day has a new story to weave in Life's chapter. A writer writes a novel including so many chapters to give the final touch to his/her story. Same way I feel every single day, with all the activities and moods, every time and hour spent has different slide-show of life.

This year, 2014, will also have so many things in store which I -- why did I say is for all, will face as time passes.

Life is so beautiful, and, it is we who can make it such. Duties have to be done and many emotions have to be tackled very sensibly.

With the passage of time and age, many things are learnt and many compromises have to be made to lead a happy life.

So why go for a resolution on a New Year day when we can solve our own everyday affair tactfully.

Life is not a tangent but a reality to be experienced. Explore all the ways of life and try to be happy and make others happy, do good with no thought of a return, do justice and live to one's own expectations, that's my feeling and thought.

Wish you all "Happy New Year".