Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tehelka‬ and ‪TarunTejpal‬

TarunTejpal, having been caught in a trap that he so much liked to lay for others now pleads innocence. He says he is being framed by the BJP. But little did he think when he was doing sting operations on them, decided to shoot guilt in hidden lens by the grace of some others who were powerful and could shelter him. Having done wrong to others at one time he feels he is being wronged and targeted. It shows that he has a mind to target others and the same nasty thought he dreams of to be there in others minds.

If Tarun Tejpal thinks he is innocent, then he should have a strong heart to stand upright and fight the wrong to come out clean.

He has shamed the journalist fraternity with the dirt that he has strewn. Being a father -like figure of the girl how could he degrade himself to such a low level. Some, who favour him say that he should be given a rap on the knuckle and let free. Some others say he needs the help of a psychiatrist. If this is so then he cannot run an organisation like The Tehelka which like to shout 'Tehelka mach gayaa' in all sense.

In the case of Bitti Mohanty, there was Fast-Track court trial and he was convicted. So in such cases against women, government should think of putting up Fast-Track Courts to give early judgments...lessons can then be learnt by such men who think they are Machos.

And now the Tehelka-man rubbishes the Tehekla that has created ripples.

Talwars found guilty -- Double Murder Mystery solved

The Talwars have been found guilty of the double murder of Aarushi and Hemraj, which was till now a Murder Mystery, solved with the Court's verdict coming up and the quantum of punishment to come soon.

The Special CBI Judge was really good at words while writing the judgement and some of his words disapproving the parents' actions were, "They have extirpated their own daughter who had hardly seen 14 summers of her life and the servant... in the breach of the Commandment 'thou shall not kill' and injunction of Holy Quran 'take not life which God has made sacred'". He further says, "The parents are the best protectors of their own children. That is the order of human nature but they have been freaks in the history of man-kind where the father and mother become killer of their own progeny".

Though the Talwars have been found guilty they disapprove of committing this heinous act and will be moving to the High Court for relief. But all circumstantial evidences are against them, so the plea may be rejected.

At least Krishna, Rajkumar and Mandal, the domestic helps, have got relief from this and Hemraj's family has breathed a sigh of relief. These three poor fellows had very few supporters who stood by them when they had to undergo so much physical and mental torments.

But this case has shocked the mental status of huge number of parents and children. Though this is a rare case we cannot deny such happenings among the people who support Khaps. They also lean to such criminal activities. But here the comparison with Khaps cannot be taken into consideration, for the parents were practising Dental Surgeons and this was most unexpected from them.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sonia Gandhi and Her Views

Sonia Gandhi is all up against her National rival party. She feels they are making a lot of noise in the rallies held by them. But for sure, in the biggest Democracy of the world, every person has his/her rights as per the Constitution of India.

“Freedom of Speech” is our fundamental right from which one cannot be debarred. But she feels this freedom is prerogative only to a special lot, all because she is the Chairperson of the UPA and her party has the right to speak out in public rallies the way they like creating displeasure in the minds of the people.

Sonia Gandhi also feels her opposition is power-hungry. But madamji, in a Democratic form of government each one has the right to put forth his/her views before the people. They can speak of the ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’. You are also speaking of things that have happened during your tenure of rule and what more you can give to this ever-growing population…numbers are increasing by leaps and bounds and need to be checked.

Democracy, if it is defined in simple words is an elected government, where people exercise their right to vote to elect their representatives. This is not a Monarchy where the crown passes from one head to another like that of a dynasty. So there is no harm to rally and give speeches to influence the crowd.

You say your opponent is power hungry. But nowhere in your speeches have you said you don’t want to be in power. Hunger for power is the main priority thought in politics.

The baton cannot be just passed on from one hand to another like a relay-race. Good that a healthy election is fought with good intentions and also for doing good to the nation. Just don’t start realising that after 60 years of your Party’s rule at the centre things have improved for the benefit of the people. Your election gimmicks have been well understood by the people of this country at this juncture.

Sixty-six years of independence has taught the people the basic ABC’S of Democracy and the happenings in this country. Let the people judge when the time comes.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Tehelka, Tejpal and Shoma Chaudhury

Shoma Chaudhury, come on you seem so dumb towards your Boss or Friend…that is your personal relationship…when he has committed a crime of molestation with a very young journalist working in his organization.

Shoma, if this would have happened elsewhere, we could hear your shout in our homes from your own media house publication. You have earlier said so much about the rights of women in their work-places and have vented your anger and anguish when similar happenings came to lime light.

Don’t have double standards and now what is learnt from today’s media reports, Tarun Tejpal is unavailable and most probably has left the country, all for your delay.  Though the morning media news carried this, Tejpal has come up and ready to face the challenge that’s waiting for him.

When the victim and the incident happen to be from your own media house, you say it is an internal matter. Then why take up other external issues and make a hue and cry. That can be their own internal matter and can be sorted out in their own way. Unfair in all fairness.

Hah! Shoma come on and fight for the cause of a woman for you are one among the lot. Or is it women in high positions like to kick aside such matters and happenings that happen with junior women employees working in lower levels. Being a woman, I feel it can be jealousy towards the same sex or your rank has made you change your opinion.

You cannot run away from such a situation and if Tejpal is guilty, you are equally guilty for not taking up the matter with the departments that have the right to deal with and shows you have also taken the law into your own hands.

Shed aside your double standards that is clearly visible now and fight for the cause you have spoken so hardly about, earlier. The matter has to be rightly looked into and the lady should not be under any pressure as not to make a police complaint.

Tejpal deserves to be punished and has to face the consequences which the law of the land will decide.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Sting Operation

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is in trouble after the sting operation on them made rounds in the media. They say the tape has been edited. If they knew that tapes can be edited (they know for journalists who are now members in their party are well aware) then how fair was their deal in showing such tapes against others.

To cut short, this shows how amateur they are in politics. What was the hurry in forming a Party? Their first effort came to limelight when they were with Anna Hazare and worked as Social Activists. They could have waited, learnt the tricks of Politics…which is so dirty…and then come into the fray.

AAP should have started from the Grass Roots…going for Pachayat Elections, then Municipal Elections and then readied themselves for the State Elections. If politics would have been so easy any Tom, Dick and Harry would be there. It’s a Game that has to be played very cautiously.

The other thing that is visible in the AAP, they are a young lot and every member thinks he/she is a Neta. You do need a Guardian to guide and direct to move forward.

If they rectify their fault, they can exist and play their part otherwise who knows.

Don’t expect Fair-weather every day.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tehelka Affair

TarunTejpal of Tehelka has now fallen in a soup. Tehelka, once and now also, very famous for its Investigative Journalism has given black-spots to many people.

Tarun Tejpal had swept others' floors and mopped them up, bringing out the dirt and dust. But now it seems he never looked at his own floor...all the dirt and dust was lying there, and, suddenly someone came cautiously and mopped it up. Then only the dirt showed its presence in his own place.

Pointing fingers is easy but when the same finger turns around the difficulty can be seen and felt.

When the Snooping Scandal came to light, different women's organisations came out to speak for the girl. Now where have they hidden their faces. Are there different parameters for different cases and for different girls. Don't act like hypocrites, come out and speak for the CAUSE you are fighting for. Treat all women as equals and take up their matter from a woman's point of view leaving aside any politics that's being played.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Sunday Expression

We, I may be mistaken, so I say, I feel Sunday is a leisure day, a day to rest and recreate. When thought in totality, I feel Sunday to be more of a working day...more labour and effort goes in the hours that are used up except sleep.

Sunday: More laundry, more cooking...more of cooking goodies...for everyone is present during the important lunch hour, more of cleaning the nooks and corners of the house...so much lady-like effort,sometimes invite guests and then...uff! all that heavy duty of cooking the best and making the guests comfortable, then there is that lurch -- to be more specific -- that yearning to go out and spend the day with family, savouring all the goodies of the liking of each one and then come back to rest.

Some may say, you are wrong with your thoughts. But, sure each one has his/her own thoughts and may not agree.

Thinking of Sunday as a day without work and lots of leisure is the wonder created in the mind. We listen and understand what the mind says but may not act according to it. 'Liberation' from the mind-set may be the right word at this juncture.

Whatever be it, everyone waits for a Sunday, some to laze and get up late, miss the regular duties for that is not needed and say, "Home sweet home, there is no place like home", for a Sunday.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The two words – Secular and Communal

These two words Secular and Communal have been making rounds in my mind. Thought best to sit and make a personal judgement on them – find the right and the wrong in them and their correct applications to those who speak such words with a loud open mouth and make that big noise like the bursting of crackers on the Diwali night.

India is a Secular country which does not have an official state religion. Let’s see where this leads to.

Secular: Secularism means, equal treatment meted to followers of all religions by the state and envisions acceptance of religious laws as binding on the state, and equal participation of state in different religions.

Communal: Meaning in Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary, “pertaining to a commune or community”. So there is no specific reason to say that Communal means being hurtful to other religions apart from the religion you practice.

So by using the word Communal repeatedly, some people who call themselves Secular are trying to divide the country (India) on religious ground.

Here I have to say, having been brought up in an area where the Muslims families were more in number than Hindus, never felt any difference. From a tender age till now religion has never drawn a line in my life to differentiate people. Even we had Christian families who were very close. The people of the other religions always participated in each other’s religious festivity.

It is a great mistake if we tread upon the path that has been made by some to divide this huge country on religious grounds.

Common man wants to live in peace for he has to toil hard to earn his bread and butter. Those who are doing this nuisance have lots stashed in their kitty…maybe out of the wrong earnings they have made. They want to live in peace and see the fun in making others fight, and in all this there is creation of fear, tension, anger and loss of lives.

I say these two specified words, used mostly in politics, hardly makes any space in my life.

Jai ho!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mission to Mars from India

The Mission to Mars from India has started. Here, on this earthly country we are struggling for existence. Love is giving way to hate, the environment is becoming unfriendly because of us, greed is pushing in like a gust of wind, trying to pull down others to reach the highest rung of the ladder, the lust for political power is crossing all barriers. Simple and common people now find existence to be on the difficult track. When we cannot live a life fairly on this earth, can we think of going to another planet to live a happy and peaceful life. Dreams can be true at times...dreaming and happy...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Digvijaya Singh (Diggy Boy) Rants

Diggy Boy rants on Modi and BJP:

...he won't allow "Hindu version of Taliban" to succeed in India...

...dig at Modi for attempting to "hijack" the legacy of Sardar Patel...

...whether Modi was "ditching" RSS icons in the process of "hijacking" Patel's legacy.

...attempt to "communalise" Patel or make the freedom fighter the icon of "communal forces"...

...ridiculed Modi over his knowledge of history over the BJP's leader's "gaffes"...

...however, refrained from making any comment on iconic singer Lata Mangeshkar praising Modi in Pune...

..."Lata Mangeshkar is our Indian Icon and she is entitled to her Political Views"....

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Let the Deepavali lights bring 
love, warmth and brightness 
to your home and lives.