Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Indian politics is showing a change. The different states may not have spoken by themselves, but we, the people of this country showed courage to wipe out the ones who had created a great mess in this country. Those who have been swept clean never once thought about the pangs they created for the common man, who constitute the mass of this country.

They sat comfortably in their cool luxurious chambers and went on doing THIS and THAT now and then, thinking they are the Lords or Kings who had every right to act in their Lordly fashion...the way they liked.

Little did they remember that India is a DEMOCRACY now and being the largest democracy in the world, with a huge population of highly educated people and even people with little learning have started to know the Right from the Wrong and also know they can fight for their RIGHTS. And this Right was very well exercised in casting of their (common man) votes.

It is no longer, "Jago India (Bharat) Jago"., for already the people are saying, "Hum Jag gaye hain, aab dekho...".


  1. Yes! Hope this awareness spreads to every nook and corner of our country.

  2. Simple expectations from good souls for the good of the country. Sandhya, let's see how far hope works in this.