Friday, November 22, 2013

Tehelka, Tejpal and Shoma Chaudhury

Shoma Chaudhury, come on you seem so dumb towards your Boss or Friend…that is your personal relationship…when he has committed a crime of molestation with a very young journalist working in his organization.

Shoma, if this would have happened elsewhere, we could hear your shout in our homes from your own media house publication. You have earlier said so much about the rights of women in their work-places and have vented your anger and anguish when similar happenings came to lime light.

Don’t have double standards and now what is learnt from today’s media reports, Tarun Tejpal is unavailable and most probably has left the country, all for your delay.  Though the morning media news carried this, Tejpal has come up and ready to face the challenge that’s waiting for him.

When the victim and the incident happen to be from your own media house, you say it is an internal matter. Then why take up other external issues and make a hue and cry. That can be their own internal matter and can be sorted out in their own way. Unfair in all fairness.

Hah! Shoma come on and fight for the cause of a woman for you are one among the lot. Or is it women in high positions like to kick aside such matters and happenings that happen with junior women employees working in lower levels. Being a woman, I feel it can be jealousy towards the same sex or your rank has made you change your opinion.

You cannot run away from such a situation and if Tejpal is guilty, you are equally guilty for not taking up the matter with the departments that have the right to deal with and shows you have also taken the law into your own hands.

Shed aside your double standards that is clearly visible now and fight for the cause you have spoken so hardly about, earlier. The matter has to be rightly looked into and the lady should not be under any pressure as not to make a police complaint.

Tejpal deserves to be punished and has to face the consequences which the law of the land will decide.

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