Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tehelka‬ and ‪TarunTejpal‬

TarunTejpal, having been caught in a trap that he so much liked to lay for others now pleads innocence. He says he is being framed by the BJP. But little did he think when he was doing sting operations on them, decided to shoot guilt in hidden lens by the grace of some others who were powerful and could shelter him. Having done wrong to others at one time he feels he is being wronged and targeted. It shows that he has a mind to target others and the same nasty thought he dreams of to be there in others minds.

If Tarun Tejpal thinks he is innocent, then he should have a strong heart to stand upright and fight the wrong to come out clean.

He has shamed the journalist fraternity with the dirt that he has strewn. Being a father -like figure of the girl how could he degrade himself to such a low level. Some, who favour him say that he should be given a rap on the knuckle and let free. Some others say he needs the help of a psychiatrist. If this is so then he cannot run an organisation like The Tehelka which like to shout 'Tehelka mach gayaa' in all sense.

In the case of Bitti Mohanty, there was Fast-Track court trial and he was convicted. So in such cases against women, government should think of putting up Fast-Track Courts to give early judgments...lessons can then be learnt by such men who think they are Machos.

And now the Tehelka-man rubbishes the Tehekla that has created ripples.


  1. His wife tried to pacify the girl...he daunted her because she told about the incident to his daughter...I feel sick! He should not be let free.

  2. Let's wait and see how the whole thing moves on...hope justice is not denied...