Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tehelka Affair

TarunTejpal of Tehelka has now fallen in a soup. Tehelka, once and now also, very famous for its Investigative Journalism has given black-spots to many people.

Tarun Tejpal had swept others' floors and mopped them up, bringing out the dirt and dust. But now it seems he never looked at his own floor...all the dirt and dust was lying there, and, suddenly someone came cautiously and mopped it up. Then only the dirt showed its presence in his own place.

Pointing fingers is easy but when the same finger turns around the difficulty can be seen and felt.

When the Snooping Scandal came to light, different women's organisations came out to speak for the girl. Now where have they hidden their faces. Are there different parameters for different cases and for different girls. Don't act like hypocrites, come out and speak for the CAUSE you are fighting for. Treat all women as equals and take up their matter from a woman's point of view leaving aside any politics that's being played.

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