Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sonia Gandhi and Her Views

Sonia Gandhi is all up against her National rival party. She feels they are making a lot of noise in the rallies held by them. But for sure, in the biggest Democracy of the world, every person has his/her rights as per the Constitution of India.

“Freedom of Speech” is our fundamental right from which one cannot be debarred. But she feels this freedom is prerogative only to a special lot, all because she is the Chairperson of the UPA and her party has the right to speak out in public rallies the way they like creating displeasure in the minds of the people.

Sonia Gandhi also feels her opposition is power-hungry. But madamji, in a Democratic form of government each one has the right to put forth his/her views before the people. They can speak of the ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’. You are also speaking of things that have happened during your tenure of rule and what more you can give to this ever-growing population…numbers are increasing by leaps and bounds and need to be checked.

Democracy, if it is defined in simple words is an elected government, where people exercise their right to vote to elect their representatives. This is not a Monarchy where the crown passes from one head to another like that of a dynasty. So there is no harm to rally and give speeches to influence the crowd.

You say your opponent is power hungry. But nowhere in your speeches have you said you don’t want to be in power. Hunger for power is the main priority thought in politics.

The baton cannot be just passed on from one hand to another like a relay-race. Good that a healthy election is fought with good intentions and also for doing good to the nation. Just don’t start realising that after 60 years of your Party’s rule at the centre things have improved for the benefit of the people. Your election gimmicks have been well understood by the people of this country at this juncture.

Sixty-six years of independence has taught the people the basic ABC’S of Democracy and the happenings in this country. Let the people judge when the time comes.


  1. Hope they do! If we think and vote, these goondas won't come to power. Goondas are there in all parties. First we have to throw them out. They should not come into power at any cost. I had to vote to a liquor baron just to avoid voting the then ruling party. The other party had nominated a liquor baron as their party candidate and he has not done anything for the area. Just conducted his son's wedding with pomp and glory.

    I am just wondering what I should do in the coming election!

    We will just hope for the best.

    1. Well said Sandhya. For people like us it has become so difficult to choose the right person and in this we give a chance to someone else who is no way better. Hope, people with a good sense come up and give us a good life in this country...which is just a wish...

  2. well said Gauri ! and sandhya now there is a.none of the above..option is there..excercise that..

    1. Renu, its so difficult to find options in this present scenerio...and thinking about exercising our franchise...find it more difficult than a school exam... :)