Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Sunday Expression

We, I may be mistaken, so I say, I feel Sunday is a leisure day, a day to rest and recreate. When thought in totality, I feel Sunday to be more of a working day...more labour and effort goes in the hours that are used up except sleep.

Sunday: More laundry, more cooking...more of cooking goodies...for everyone is present during the important lunch hour, more of cleaning the nooks and corners of the much lady-like effort,sometimes invite guests and then...uff! all that heavy duty of cooking the best and making the guests comfortable, then there is that lurch -- to be more specific -- that yearning to go out and spend the day with family, savouring all the goodies of the liking of each one and then come back to rest.

Some may say, you are wrong with your thoughts. But, sure each one has his/her own thoughts and may not agree.

Thinking of Sunday as a day without work and lots of leisure is the wonder created in the mind. We listen and understand what the mind says but may not act according to it. 'Liberation' from the mind-set may be the right word at this juncture.

Whatever be it, everyone waits for a Sunday, some to laze and get up late, miss the regular duties for that is not needed and say, "Home sweet home, there is no place like home", for a Sunday.

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