Sunday, October 20, 2013

RaGa Alaap – NaMo Chanting

Early morning is best for Riyaaz, the clean fresh air was moving around bringing with it the sweet breeze. The sun had just popped out his head from his sleeping bag and had not yet stretched far and wide with its sunshine but light enough to call it bright sunlight. Many early risers were out of their bed – some out for their morning walks, a routine they followed religiously while some others sat and sipped their morning cup of tea to gather energy and vigour to cope the long day that lay ahead. There were some who were still in bed – no blame to these souls for they crept into their bed late and were still sleeping snugly.

Lalitji and his wife Lalitaji sat on their balcony when the Raga Alaap was heard with NaMo Chanting. The elderly couple looked at one another and in-between sips were heard discussing.

Lalitji: RaGa is good.

Lalitaji: NaMo Chanting is better.

Lalitji: RaGa is best.

Lalitaji: NaMo the best.

In their good, better, best and the best they at last settled to come to discuss on points for RaGa and NaMo.
It will be point against point said the man.

Agreed said his better-half.

Start…and then went the flow.

RaGa: He has the chocolate boy look and has so many female followers.

NaMo: He has that strong and stout look and admired by men and women alike.

RaGa: RaGa rolls his kurta sleeves to get fresh air for his arms.

NaMo: Wears half sleeves and no fighting.

RaGa: Loves to visit huts and eat food there.

NaMo: Meets people in public and only some selected ones.

RaGa: Still Mother’s Baba.

NaMo: goes to his mother to seek her blessings.

RaGa: Enjoys his given space which is his family legacy.

NaMo: Has worked hard to reach his space among the people.

“Enough, my cup of tea is finished and I’m going in”, said Lalitaji and stood up for the whole days work was waiting for her.

Lalitji drew a long face for he wanted to carry on as he had very little duties for his home. He would read the morning newspaper, ask for another cup of tea, to the toilet and then relax on the big sofa with his legs stretched out and watch the TV.

The RaGa Alaap came to an abrupt halt and the NaMo Chanting died down.

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