Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bapu Gandhi and Baba Gandhi

The name Gandhi may seem very familiar but there is so much to 
distinguish the Bapu from the Baba.

Bapu Gandhi:

·         The pivot in the Independence Movement.
·         The architect of Non-Violence movement.
·         Simple-living and high-thinking.
·         Fast for days to get the demand for the country.
·         Turning the Charkha to make Khadi.
·         No foreign trips for pleasure sake.
·         Sacrifice in terms of sharing, giving and country’s benefit.
·         Simple loins cloth to drape self.
·         And above all no intention of grabbing power and sit as the head.
·         All the moods captured in pictures read the body language as a man without pride.

Baba Gandhi:

·         Dimple faced smile to capture certain mass.
·         A position simply cut out for him with no pain but gain.
·         Holidays on foreign soil for a change.
·         Fasting for the country – a distant dream.
·         Still not carved out a special deed or intention to be tagged with.
·         Modernity in company of friends and show simplicity in public – dubious.
·         Still a learner with no specific goals of his own.
·         What does sacrifice mean? Still has to learn.
·         Not self-made but inherited fame and name.

·         Wait for photo opportunities where the body language tells his show-off nature depicting on his face.