Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Bird's Song

So much has changed with years. Each day has a story to tell. But for me I miss those days of my childhood.They are special for me and for my recollection of thoughts.

How nice were those days when I got up early and started my day with activities starting early in the household. The first thing in the morning was to pluck flowers from the of different colours...sprinkle some water on them and keep it in the Puja room for Ma.

Early morning bath and then drape in school uniform...clean and ironed...and rush for breakfast. Being very fussy about food I used to have what I I know that's not good for I tell my children to eat whatever is served to them as a mother knows the best for her child.

School-days, how sweet were those days. Lots of friends, study well and get the good rank and praise from the teachers, games and sports which kept the body and mind healthy, back home with homework but no tuition teachers as we see these days. At times I sit back to think why small kids are sent for tuition. Can't the parents spend some time with the kids. I think a parents guidance at a tender age is so good for the child. The parent can also understand the child psychology in many areas.

Evenings were full of fun. Play different games with siblings and children from the neighbourhood. Even a visit to a close-by park made so much difference, and what a fun to sit on the swing and play with the breeze as the swing went up and down from this side to that.

Once dusk fell, back home and back to studies. Lots of homework to be completed or punishment awaited in the school the next morning. Who likes punishment? And then of course no television but radio to listen to music and song and hear the news with Baba. Of course gramophone also gave sweet music to the ears when records were played. No computers, no video games, no staying out late, no partying on own with friends...but still there was lot of liberty in Life. There was space to live a life, to love others in the family and so much oneness among people living around.

It was early to bed and early to rise with no fuss.

Those were the days and as I sit back I can see the change that has come about. Tall buildings with no space for gardens and open individual space. Children's lives have become mechanical. Their mindset has changed because of the environment they live in. Much freedom in their life.

But then, parents are the same. they want their children to live a good life.

Again, to emphasise, these days most of the parents have great expectations from their children. they like to build the child's life the way they want. So a child has a deceived independence.

Whatever be it, this was just a passing thought and I felt like putting them in words. Some of these thoughts may be justified and some not by the readers. Perceptions can vary, but an individual thought at times takes its shape in words like the one here.

I feel happy to remember those bygone days again.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Teachers’ Day

Teachers’ Day is celebrated all across this vast country. Those were the days and years of my study life when we waited for this special day to come so that we could also pay our deep respect and gratitude to ours teachers. But today I felt there was not much noise in the media about this special day in the life of every student. There is much hue and cry about Asaram, Vanzara, Crimes like Rape and Violence that has spread all across this country. So why not give a special space to this wonderful day of Teacher-Student relationship.

If we ask a student why Teachers’ day is celebrated, can get back a blank look and a fumble with words. Dear children, to all those who don’t know about this day can read few words that I have written here. Some may like it and others…think me to be a fool to write all this. They will say, “Look at the heap of rubbish she is trying to push on us”.

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“No regrets” and I go on…

Having taken the advantage of this day about the teacher-student relationship I want to remember Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan the second President of India. His birthday is celebrated as Teachers’ day. If there wouldn’t have been teachers, we would have been deprived of getting teachings. Teachers are also responsible for making great men/women and in nation building. Good teachers will always be remembered.

On this day I also remember my teachers of school, college and university days. My respect to all of them.