Friday, July 5, 2013

Food Security Bill and the Ordinance

Few more days and India is going to celebrate another Independence Day. If we rightly think, we can find a question rising in our mind -- What have we gained out of the Independence, we are proud of, after fighting a long Independence Struggle. And, after more than 6 decades, suddenly the UPA government realises that there are poor people existing in India who need to get FOOD SECURITY.

This brings to mind a larger thought -- were there no poor and hungry in this country before? Was there no malnutrition among children and women previously?

What do these people, who have thought of this project, think about the people of this country? This sudden love and affection for the poor raises eyebrows. Play politics but not at the cost of the people of this country who are not idiots.

This project is believed to be the pet project of someone. All these years no one in this country felt the need that the poor and the needy should have the right to eat a square meal a day and get a good night’s sleep. Why this sudden love and affection out of the blue?

The Aam Aadmi is not a Mango Man who can be sucked and left to be exploited as and when required. This country is neither a Banana Republic!

The country has recently gone through such a bad time with the disaster in Uttarakhand. The government is unable to manage this disaster with so many people left homeless and hungry. Priority should be the Uttarakhand issue. Scam after scam is coming to light but the guilty is not found and punished.

Love of power is behind all the gimmicks this present government is after. This proves that there is so much honey in that power pedestal that power lovers are not frightened of the bee sting.

Relish your honey but let the people of this country live a happy and peaceful life. Then only the DUAA/ Blessings of the people will make your life happy and peaceful.


  1. very true Gauri..these are nothing but political gimmicks and instead of making anything better, going to empty the exchequer and fill the pockets of few..

  2. Thanks Renu. Really sad how the politicians make themselves rich and make money for their future generations...for safety sake. When will that day come when politics will not be played as a game of self-interest but for doing something good for the country and the people. Lets hope...