Thursday, July 25, 2013

Modi Syndrome and Dadababu

Our Videshi Dada has created a furore with his comment on Modi. Why so much is being said and discussed about Modi?

Modi has become a hero...positive or negative...they know the best who think about him...for love or in fear...

Some Members of Parliament have tried to move from the Indian shores to the American land by expressing their views via a letter, pitching their voice against Modi. Is the American President, so silly a man, to read the lines of these pseudo secular people and then rest his decision basing on their thoughts?

Even in a small family, if there is any problem, no one will like to wash their family’s dirty linen on the street and lo behold, these people are trying to do a dirty work in spreading their dirty thought overseas.

Is there no protocol for the members of Parliament? I think there is as they take an oath before taking up their responsible seats. Anyway, the Modi Syndrome has bitten into them.

Fear, anger or hatred...for what?...that makes this man all the more popular with every wrong move taken against him.

Even our learned Dadababu knowingly has made this mistake.

Nothing positive will emerge from negative thoughts. Leave aside all the ugly thought which is turning the issue murkier and let the intelligent people of this nation decide who is right and who is wrong.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Kedarnath – Uttarakhand Tragedy – One Month On...

A month gone, the tragedy of Uttrakhand is still fresh in the memory. The disaster was so great, it makes one wonder as to how and why this happen at all.

Reasons may be many, but, who will take the responsibility for the events that caused the devastation.

The whole thing brings to mind a simple but grave thought – why was Nature so furious? Was mankind responsible for Nature’s fury?

The more we will destroy nature and the natural habitat, the more disaster we will face, can well be read from this happening.

Kedarnath, the holy shrine, which most of the Hindus will like to visit once in lifetime. At the same time, to go to this holy place is not so easy. A thought of this takes me back to that day when I was lucky to visit and get the Darshan of Baba Kedarnath.

After travelling all the distance from Delhi, before proceeding for Kedarnath, it was a night halt at Gaurikund. This is that place that has also been washed away in this landslide and flood that came down all the way from the land of Kedarnath.

I still remember how we had to climb up many many steps to reach out our halting place, the GMVN guest house. From the window we could see below boys and men playing the board game of Carrom, betting and win for some and loss for some others.

The next morning started early. After a short walk of about a kilometre we reached the spot where horses and dolis are available to move uphill. One can move uphill on foot as well, but the terrain is difficult. Soon we were on horsebacks and moved on. Actually here one can get the sight and smell of the beauty of nature. As we moved on we saw the sunrise and how the first Sun’s rays kissed the snowclad mountain tops to give them the golden colour.

Picturesque indeed and natural touch of gold on the hills was a sight to see and remember. The sight reminded me of Satyajit Ray’s Bengali film ‘Sonar Kella’, though the situation in the film was in the deserts of Rajasthan, but the thought was moreover the same.

Kedarnath is 14 Kilometres from Gaurikund. After travelling halfway, we stopped at Rambara for food. Hot parathas and sabzi and hot tea was a treat.

After half an hour’s halt we moved on. Before noon we reached Kedarnath dham. We put up at the GMVN guest house cottage in Kedarnath as we had decided to halt overnight. The cold was biting, but, after freshening up we went for the Lords Darshan. After lunch it was sightseeing. Nature’s beauty can be found in bounty there. Looking at the snow clad mountains was something that the eyes saw and will be remembered for life. We had been advised to ask for oxygen cylinder if anyone felt breathless at night. Two layers of warm clothes and two quilts and blankets still could not keep away the biting cold.

The sadhus are many in number at Kedarnath. They keep themselves warm by smearing their body with ash. Their living makes one the biting cold they keep warm with the cover of ash?

The special individual puja was performed by the Head pandit of the temple, in the early morning hours made us happy as we got a close view and the blessings of Baba Bhole Nath.

The next morning, after breakfast, we were on horseback to get back to Gaurikund.

Kedarnath is a place of pilgrimage for the Hindus. They go there with so much Bhakti and Shraddha in their heart and mind. But this destruction and wreckage has cost so many lives. The rivers had shown their ugly face and washed away so many lives and destroyed huge number of homes.

Like humans, nature too likes to exist within the framework of its own rules and regulations. Nature also does not like interference. So why play with another kingdom – Nature’s Kingdom -- when we don’t like others to come in our way.

A lesson if not learnt will make us pay the price.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Simple Summer Tips

When the summer sun beats on us we find out ways to beat the heat. That’s what summer is all about. There are many simple ways to fight the heat of the hot days of summer in India. Summer days no doubt make life miserable, but that’s what season’s are all about. Summer’s soaring mercury brings with it a host of health complains dry skin, sun burns, rashes, itching and prickly heat along with mental and physical discomfort.

There are simple ways to beat the heat. Look good and keep healthy with some easy-to-follow tips.

Increase fluid intake:  During summer there is loss of water from the body due to sweating, so there is a lack of resistance and energy. A regular liquid intake is a must to combat dehydration.  Drink lots of water and carry water when going out and even to your work place. Drink plenty of fruit juices, green coconut water and lassi (curd helps to keep the cool in the body). Eat lots of fruits like grapes and water melons to keep the body cool and regulate heat.

Eat right food: Avoid non-vegetarian and rich oily food. Freshly cooked vegetarian food is easily digestible and good source of fluid and is also low in calories. Try to stay away from street food. A diet rich in fruits and liquids will keep the body cool.

Avoid caffeine: Avoid tea and coffee breaks as much as possible. Caffeine dehydrates the body, choose caffeine free drinks, decaffeinated tea or coffee and switch to more water breaks.

Dress Cool: Loose fitting cool cotton outfits, preferably in light colours is best for summer wear. Avoid bulky or heavy accessories.

Make-up: Wear light make-up along with soft shades of lip gloss. The skin needs to breathe and a heavy make-up in summer hampers the process.

Protection: Use a sun screen lotion while going out in the sun to protect from sun burns. Use a hat or umbrella when going out in the sun. Reduce your travels and avoid outings.

Hair care:  Not only the skin, the hair needs care during summer. Wash your hair regularly but avoid shampooing everyday as excessive washing makes the hair dry. A short summer crop makes hair care easier, adds style and check split ends.  Use hair conditioners as it keeps the hair manageable and prevents the hair from getting dry and brittle.

Keep your cool: This is the important part of life in summer. There is increased irritation and heightened tempers both at home, at the work place and outside. So the body needs to be taken care of with relaxing, indulging in hobbies, proper rest and carry a smile on your face.

Play safe with your summer with simple daily routines so that you can remember summer once the rains come.

© gouriguha 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013

Food Security Bill and the Ordinance

Few more days and India is going to celebrate another Independence Day. If we rightly think, we can find a question rising in our mind -- What have we gained out of the Independence, we are proud of, after fighting a long Independence Struggle. And, after more than 6 decades, suddenly the UPA government realises that there are poor people existing in India who need to get FOOD SECURITY.

This brings to mind a larger thought -- were there no poor and hungry in this country before? Was there no malnutrition among children and women previously?

What do these people, who have thought of this project, think about the people of this country? This sudden love and affection for the poor raises eyebrows. Play politics but not at the cost of the people of this country who are not idiots.

This project is believed to be the pet project of someone. All these years no one in this country felt the need that the poor and the needy should have the right to eat a square meal a day and get a good night’s sleep. Why this sudden love and affection out of the blue?

The Aam Aadmi is not a Mango Man who can be sucked and left to be exploited as and when required. This country is neither a Banana Republic!

The country has recently gone through such a bad time with the disaster in Uttarakhand. The government is unable to manage this disaster with so many people left homeless and hungry. Priority should be the Uttarakhand issue. Scam after scam is coming to light but the guilty is not found and punished.

Love of power is behind all the gimmicks this present government is after. This proves that there is so much honey in that power pedestal that power lovers are not frightened of the bee sting.

Relish your honey but let the people of this country live a happy and peaceful life. Then only the DUAA/ Blessings of the people will make your life happy and peaceful.