Friday, January 14, 2011

When the Year 2011 came in...

This year came and I have made no resolutions. I know I don’t have to think much for there is so much to see, read, learn and think about.

The year came in as Onion Tears were being shed.

Take a thousand rupee note to the market and the bag comes home half filled after the buying only few monthly grocery items for the home...Indian Economy...Economist heading our country.

News about Murder, Rape, Robbery, has become a daily news item...when fear has been happens.

Watch the powerful politicians going around as though they are carrying the country on their live or die they’ll make thoughtful claims once the elections come round the corner.

Scams, scandals and all the drivel in the news...make money while the sun shines...when in power...hahaha.

I have no time to think about making New Year resolutions...for to think or not to think is the same for me at present.

Why rise my stress level...just accept what’s happening...doesn’t mean I’ll keep mum when I see something wrong...will raise my voice...hear you may...or ignore...a resolution...did I make one???


  1. The best new year resolution should be to get these corrupt politicians out and into the jails.

  2. I always make resoultions for myself..because if you see around whats happening...its very frustrating.

  3. Thanks BK Chowla, but its not so easy to get rid of these people...parasites who try to drink every drop of our blood and make merry.

  4. Renu, looking around there is annoyance, dissatisfaction, aggravation and much make resolutions for oneself is the best

  5. I also didnt make any resolutions Gouri :(

  6. regarding resolution
    i agree with Bk.
    Hope few politicians will go to jail