Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ponder About...

Today I’m in no mood to write about Raja and his fraud. Nor am I interested in the CWG arrest and the next happening. Nor would I like to talk about all the wrong doings that’s happening in India. For now I am more concerned about the sufferings of the people whom I went to visit yesterday.

Yesterday I felt very sad after returning from my visit from the Cancer hospital of AIIMS. Then I got the touchiest feeling in my life after visiting Shanti Avedna Sadan. Till now never knew such a place existed.

You can read about my visit to these two places here

I feel why not make life meaningful as long as we live. Have no more words to express myself.


  1. I have been to the same deptt when I took my niece for a check up.Life is very uncertain.

  2. Its really sad Gouri; about Raja I mean.

    How have you been? Its been long.

  3. The other day I was asking myself, Ah, me, why am I sad - since I'm a poet in one way or another. But now I see why. We talk about all that is good or what we think is good and then overlook the reality that indeed makes us feel sad; and that reality surrounds us all, wherever we are. Thanks Gouri for this.

  4. Chowlaji, I was really disturbed after visiting this place. Looking around we can see so many not even aware of this sort of uncertainty.

  5. Madhu, I had been busy with other work and also busy with my family affairs...many guests turning up and I was out of town for personal work. Missed my blogger friends. Happy that I back to my blogging and nice to read your views.
    This experience was really something important and memorable for me.

  6. @The Anuki Country Press. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. In search of all the good, we really miss out the other side of life...the Reality...that does exist. It was touchy moment in my life when I visited these two places. I would have remained ignorant of all this if I had not volunteered for this chance. I think at times these realities do bring about change in life.
    Nice to read your comment.