Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi 3-14 October...all for the love of Games and Sports

 Logo of the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games

Shera, official Mascot of CWG 2010

Opening Ceremony of Delhi 2010 CWG

Days before the Commonwealth Games 2010 started there was so much of hue and cry. But the whole heat drowned once The Games were declared Open. People looked forward to seeing and witnessing the different events of Games and Sports...either in the Stadium or sitting at home watching on their television sets.

The Games has reached its last leg now. Most of the events have been over and now I look forward for the Closing ceremony.

Speaking of the Closing Ceremony, it reminds me of the Opening Ceremony which was held in the Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, and was indeed a great and magnificent extravaganza. Each and every Indian wanted The Games to be a great success. Who doesn’t like to write and read a success story of one’s own country?

All that had been said and heard earlier was lost as people got interested in seeing, hearing and knowing about the different games and sports events of their choice. Being a lover of sports and games and a sports person in my early days, I was happy to see the different events going on smoothly. It felt good when my fellow country sports persons won medals for the country. Not only was that a great moment in their life but it was also a proud moment for India and every Indian.

At first I was happy watching the different events on my TV. This was all because of the comfort of the home. Later on I thought of going to the stadium, by then I found the tickets had been sold out. No regrets for I was happy to follow The Games on my television set.

The Commonwealth Games 2010 has written success story for so many and they will go home feeling happy and making their country proud.

The athletes from the different countries are happy and satisfied...why not after all India is a lovely country and the people here are so good in taking care of their guests...after all we believe “atithi devo bhaba”...There has been grumbles, which is soft, and, lost.

Delhi looked so clean and decked up for the big happening. And the people of this wonderful city adjusted so well. Wish the city can be so good all respects.

The Games came and will go but the good memories will remain...all for the love of sports and games. And then what mind tells me...just wait and watch...

Speaking of the Commonwealth Games 2010, it has been a great success and hope the participants will go home with good memories.