Monday, September 6, 2010

Teachers’ Day

This year Teachers’ Day passed off so quietly. The media didn’t bother to make an elaborate coverage of this special important for the teacher-student relationship.

At other times, the electronic media will be crying out loud day in and day out. The Kalmadi issue...what a hue and cry. Even the print media did not carry much news and information of importance of Teachers’ Day.

The question that comes to mind is, should there be a lot of spice and should it be a masala story to be talked about day in and day out by the media. When the topic of nation building comes up media is more concerned talking about the Young Generation...of Rahul Gandhi and Co. In all this they forget to remind the Indians about the importance of Teachers’ Day.

The teacher-student relationship is very important. Teachers are the guide and students their followers. Teachers carry the burden and responsibility of creating and making and bringing out the good from their students. With time the purity in this relationship is losing ground.

At such a time it is better to bring back the image of this relationship...for this we have a special day and why not take advantage of it. This day also gives us the chance of letting our younger generation know about this great personality of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishanan. Nowadays most of the school children do not know the names of the present President and Prime Minister of India. They are more concerned about computer games, video games, movies, fast food...the names of the different fast food joints pour out as soon as you ask them...and less interested in reading and knowing about great personalities and the good things of life.

They will be stunned to hear the name of Dr. Radhakrishnan...a name Latin and Greek to many...and what more they don’t even know he was the second President of India. The children are interested in going abroad but have no idea this man had taught in the west, written many books and what a great teacher he was. They don’t even know that when some of his students wanted to celebrate his birthday he refused saying, “instead of celebrating my birthday separately, it would be my proud privilege if September 5 is observed as Teachers' day”. It shows his love for teaching and teachers and in this he has folded the students into it.

Teaching profession is so noble. We should respect our teachers and not disgrace them. In return teachers have this hard task of showering blessings, imparting good education and help the nation to let the children grow under their guidance to become good citizens which our country needs.


  1. Teachers are very important, they shape the personality of their students and guide them.

  2. Since the time the media has got a free run, they have chosen to ignore the issues and concentrate on sensationalism only.
    Sania-Shoeb got more air time than Shaeed Bhagat Singh got.

  3. Renu, when I was a student I had a different feeling for my teachers which is missing now. And teachers (many of them) have become so commercial.
    But the teacher-student relationship will remain for...

  4. Chowlaji,
    Media has a big role to play only if they do it honestly...for them to think...

  5. Very nice and wonderful post. Teacher plays a very important role in our life. We get proper guidance and education and also learn etiquette and many more things from our teachers. I used to get angry on my teachers when I used to get scolding but now I realize that I was wrong. They scolded me and given punishment to become a good person, to stand on my own feet and to become successful in life. I met with my nursery teacher after 16 years when I went to India and she recognized and hugged me and was speechless. So it was a great experience.

  6. Babli, nice to read your comment. It is a 'feel good' to meet our old teachers. Teachers do play a very important role in the life of a child.
    I can very well guess your emotins when you met your teacher after such a long gap.

  7. Hi Neelima, welcome. Nice to see you here.