Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Talking Newspaper Advertisement

Morning of September 21, after having my morning cup of tea, I picked up the morning English daily from the front balcony. Like every other day the newspaper boy had done his job of distribution.

As I picked up the paper, I felt something hard within the usual folds. Opening it up something began to talk...totally taken by surprise had to look around to find where the strange voice was coming from. It was utter surprise to find a small black plastic case attached to the back page from where the all the talking was coming. With a closer look I found it was the talking advertisement of the New Volkswagen Vento sedan. This was a box, doubtless working on a battery and it took some time to stop the talking...folding it up the sound vanished in thin air. For how long the battery will last, I know not, but I’m surprised at this new and innovative Ad.

It’s a new beginning of its kind in advertisement and no doubt name of this product will remain in the minds of the people for a long time...until and unless the old newspaper lot is sold off as raddi to the kabadiwala.

My daily TOI (Times of India) brought this magic into my home. I’ve kept this tucked away in a safe place so that I can share this unique and interesting Ad with others...for those who didn’t get a chance of seeing and hearing this new and innovative idea.


  1. Even Iwas surprised to hear that voice:)

  2. Try reading my post on useless advertisements.

  3. Renu, this surprise...I liked it...

    Madhu, really happy the way our Ad world is growing.

    Chowlaji, I liked and enjoyed listening to this ad.

  4. What an innovative ad!