Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Thoughts

I have been thinking a lot. Why? No simple answer. Thoughts are floating like clouds in my mind.

Not feeling comfortable...very thoughtful about the havoc the floods are creating. Yes...the summer this year had been so very hot in Delhi. And now the rains...are continuing...making life difficult.

Why has the river...our sacred Ganga getting so furious? Possibly her patience has given away. Not even once did the people think before dumping all the dirt into her waters. Factories let the poisonous materials fall into her lap. Again I’m thinking...maybe she was so choked, couldn’t even breath properly. She had to find a way to clean herself of all this.

Haan...and all the sins that folks have washed in her waters...and just see the state of affairs of the Common Wealth Games...sinful happenings from the corridors of dishonesty. This is the first thing I can think as of now. Corruption...Foot overbridge collapsing...not Humpty Dumpty having a fall...hardly matters if the poor worker is injured or loses his life... a part of the False Ceiling of a Stadium falling down...and the whole mess has come to light.

I am thoughtful again...why not...did you not hear the same I CWG official said...Their hygiene is different from Ours. So we are ready to sleep on the bed a stray dog sleeps, use toilets and bathrooms with stains...doesn’t matter...

Ha ha ha...after all the skin colour matters.

So Man you said can live in filth with no hygiene...but you don’t for you live in luxury but can spill out Big Big Words. But I live the life of a human being and it is same for me as your Their.

What about our Yuv Raj...our Youth Leader...lost in this moment of crisis...otherwise speaks a lot...

Jinxed. Why does this word strike my mind now...why... maybe a random thought.

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