Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Talking Newspaper Advertisement

Morning of September 21, after having my morning cup of tea, I picked up the morning English daily from the front balcony. Like every other day the newspaper boy had done his job of distribution.

As I picked up the paper, I felt something hard within the usual folds. Opening it up something began to talk...totally taken by surprise had to look around to find where the strange voice was coming from. It was utter surprise to find a small black plastic case attached to the back page from where the all the talking was coming. With a closer look I found it was the talking advertisement of the New Volkswagen Vento sedan. This was a box, doubtless working on a battery and it took some time to stop the talking...folding it up the sound vanished in thin air. For how long the battery will last, I know not, but I’m surprised at this new and innovative Ad.

It’s a new beginning of its kind in advertisement and no doubt name of this product will remain in the minds of the people for a long time...until and unless the old newspaper lot is sold off as raddi to the kabadiwala.

My daily TOI (Times of India) brought this magic into my home. I’ve kept this tucked away in a safe place so that I can share this unique and interesting Ad with others...for those who didn’t get a chance of seeing and hearing this new and innovative idea.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Thoughts

I have been thinking a lot. Why? No simple answer. Thoughts are floating like clouds in my mind.

Not feeling comfortable...very thoughtful about the havoc the floods are creating. Yes...the summer this year had been so very hot in Delhi. And now the rains...are continuing...making life difficult.

Why has the river...our sacred Ganga getting so furious? Possibly her patience has given away. Not even once did the people think before dumping all the dirt into her waters. Factories let the poisonous materials fall into her lap. Again I’m thinking...maybe she was so choked, couldn’t even breath properly. She had to find a way to clean herself of all this.

Haan...and all the sins that folks have washed in her waters...and just see the state of affairs of the Common Wealth Games...sinful happenings from the corridors of dishonesty. This is the first thing I can think as of now. Corruption...Foot overbridge collapsing...not Humpty Dumpty having a fall...hardly matters if the poor worker is injured or loses his life... a part of the False Ceiling of a Stadium falling down...and the whole mess has come to light.

I am thoughtful again...why not...did you not hear the same I CWG official said...Their hygiene is different from Ours. So we are ready to sleep on the bed a stray dog sleeps, use toilets and bathrooms with stains...doesn’t matter...

Ha ha ha...after all the skin colour matters.

So Man you said can live in filth with no hygiene...but you don’t for you live in luxury but can spill out Big Big Words. But I live the life of a human being and it is same for me as your Their.

What about our Yuv Raj...our Youth Leader...lost in this moment of crisis...otherwise speaks a lot...

Jinxed. Why does this word strike my mind now...why... maybe a random thought.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My 100th Post

Today I’ve hit a century...not in a game of cricket...this is my 100th blog post...can’t imagine having written so many blog posts. It has been a different feeling being a part of this virtual world...making friends whom you don’t know in person, yet share your thoughts in this widespread world. When I started writing my blogs, never once thought I will reach this mark.

The Blogosphere has given me friends...not only in this space but also in the other blog spots I have. It is a great feeling when I read a comment from a fellow the feeling that I’m being read...and I also love to share my comments with others.

I would like to thank all my friends who have read my posts patiently and given their observations as comments. With your love and support, I've moved ahead and hope your support will remain with me. It will be a great pleasure if I can make more friends.

Thanks everyone, once again, for your great support and I’m very happy to be here. This is a journey which I’ve taken and enjoyed and will continue...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today I got up late. And you know very well how the whole daily routine goes shaky due to late rising. But there was a time...when no burden of responsibility was on my young shoulders...those school and college days...days when Ma was there to look after all the needs.

And now everything is so different. Being the wife, the mother and the lady of the home...ouch! shoulder is burdened with responsibilities. I am very honest in doing my home duties...and grumbles do reach my ears which I brush aside and carry on.

Getting up late landed me in trouble. I couldn’t finish my cooking. Left it unfinished, ran in for a quick shower, got ready in minutes and was soon locking the front door to go for my everyday duty. This is something very special to me. So I increased my walking pace to be there in time.

As I walked briskly along the narrow lanes of the colony something very colourful and interesting caught my eyes. I saw a beautiful Butterfly sitting on the branch of a tree. I stood there watching the butterfly. The wings had the natural combination of so many colours, a patchy work of dots and round patches. As I stood transfixed drinking in all the beauty of this small living thing, my thoughts started sinking into the past. In school and at home we ran after the butterflies trying to catch them. There was so much greenery all around, bees visited the flowers to collect honey, dragonflies flew all around and so many different colourful butterflies could be seen happily making rounds among the trees and flowers. Nature is getting buried under the concrete jungle in the cities at present. Watching this butterfly moving its wings was a pleasant sight...very rare. I think my movement scared the butterfly who was gone in no time.

I was sad for a moment as I could not take a picture of it. Wish I had my camera...but wishes don’t come out to be true always...

As I walked on I felt in this fast growing world how much have we gained or lost...a mental battle which I fought till I reached my destination.

The picture of this beautiful butterfly in my mind’s eye will remain for a long time...and I will surely enjoy every thought about it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Teachers’ Day

This year Teachers’ Day passed off so quietly. The media didn’t bother to make an elaborate coverage of this special important for the teacher-student relationship.

At other times, the electronic media will be crying out loud day in and day out. The Kalmadi issue...what a hue and cry. Even the print media did not carry much news and information of importance of Teachers’ Day.

The question that comes to mind is, should there be a lot of spice and should it be a masala story to be talked about day in and day out by the media. When the topic of nation building comes up media is more concerned talking about the Young Generation...of Rahul Gandhi and Co. In all this they forget to remind the Indians about the importance of Teachers’ Day.

The teacher-student relationship is very important. Teachers are the guide and students their followers. Teachers carry the burden and responsibility of creating and making and bringing out the good from their students. With time the purity in this relationship is losing ground.

At such a time it is better to bring back the image of this relationship...for this we have a special day and why not take advantage of it. This day also gives us the chance of letting our younger generation know about this great personality of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishanan. Nowadays most of the school children do not know the names of the present President and Prime Minister of India. They are more concerned about computer games, video games, movies, fast food...the names of the different fast food joints pour out as soon as you ask them...and less interested in reading and knowing about great personalities and the good things of life.

They will be stunned to hear the name of Dr. Radhakrishnan...a name Latin and Greek to many...and what more they don’t even know he was the second President of India. The children are interested in going abroad but have no idea this man had taught in the west, written many books and what a great teacher he was. They don’t even know that when some of his students wanted to celebrate his birthday he refused saying, “instead of celebrating my birthday separately, it would be my proud privilege if September 5 is observed as Teachers' day”. It shows his love for teaching and teachers and in this he has folded the students into it.

Teaching profession is so noble. We should respect our teachers and not disgrace them. In return teachers have this hard task of showering blessings, imparting good education and help the nation to let the children grow under their guidance to become good citizens which our country needs.