Monday, August 2, 2010

Not That Simple as Words

Saturday and Sunday soaked Delhi with heavy shower. It did bring much relief from the heat but trouble doesn’t like to leave the people of this city. With the rains, some of the roads were filled with water. For a child to see water all around is no doubt fun...making paper boats from pages torn from old note books and see them move down. But for the daily commuters’, life came to a standstill in many areas...traffic jam building up and waiting time to reach the destination taking hours...all for the water-logging.

There is every reason for the people to ask the authorities for explanation. Then, who cares for the common man now???...the system keeps mum and life moves on with all the trouble mesh.

The CWG (Common Wealth Games) is just round the corner with so much said and heard about (the coming CW Games) it. No doubt after all the revelations, trickling out one by one, surely and truly it’s the COMMON Man’s WEALTH that’s being squandered away in the name of the Games. No time to think –- that’s for every common man -- as life has to move on.

But where does the Price Rise in this country take us. Price Rise has become the POCKET MAAR (robbing one’s pocket) of the AAM AADMI (Common man) clear words this can be related to stealing the purse of the people of India who toil hard to survive. The salaried households have cut down on many items from their regular monthly budgets to meet the everyday needs of the family.

The country is running through a difficult time...unrest on our borders and disturbances within the country in many states...reasons are countless.

Life is so unsafe in the capital city Delhi where happenings like murder, rape, suicide, dacoity, burglary, accidents have become regular happenings, and, all leading to loss of life. When everything other than a precious life is getting expensive, Life appears to be getting cheaper and cheaper...which direction are we moving towards, remains unjustified. When said in words all this looks so simple but Reality is tough to bear.

At this juncture we stand on such a threshold where it is necessary to find ways to make life run easily and this has to be concerted effort for one and all.

Life is Beautiful. Isn’t it?


  1. yesterday they were showing on TV how rain created the traffic jams in Delhi..what will happen when CWG will be held.

  2. Renu, it is the money that is going into the pockets of these people. If they are interested in the Games, they would have taken care of our sportsperson who can win laurels for India.
    This shows how important money is before the name and honour of the country.
    In the name of giving a facelift to Delhi, they have created more trouble as of now and what lies in future only God can tell.