Thursday, June 24, 2010

When Break Comes Calling...

In a kids book it reads “A for Apple, B for Ball”...

No, no, no, no, today for me B reads “B for Break”...for now and for some more days to come.

I’ve fallen in love with this word Break.


It’s going to bring a lot of difference in my life as long as I’m going to stay with it.

Living with my Break...already I can see Relaxation inviting me.

Once I meet Relaxation I know I will have Peace knocking at my door.

Peace, because there’ll be so much Leisure time for me.

And in company of Leisure I’ll have my own Freedom and, Choice will be my own.

With Freedom and Choice I’ll be my own Sovereign.

All this is with me as I’m enjoying a BREAK...yes for some days the Computer and the Internet will leave my company.

In all this I’ll be away from my very own Blogging World...will very much miss my friends who read and give their views. And I’ll miss reading blogs of my other blogger friends.

It is only for a short period...this is a much awaited time I’d been looking forward last it has happened.

The first week of the July will see me again getting busy and my life falling into place with the busy schedule I live in.

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