Thursday, June 17, 2010

Review of the book Upside Down and the Good Feeling

It was a great experience to be a part of Blogathon 1 which was announced by Tulika Books. And being a part of it Tulika Books gave me the advantage to write the review of a book from their publishing house.

I had a great feeling that day when I received a copy of the book “Upside Down” sent to me by this publishing house which publishes Children’s Books. It was great writing the review of the book “Upside Down”. And believe me I enjoyed writing...a kid’s book and some thoughtful time spent to write about it. Here you’ll find my thoughts about this book. So read on...

Review of the Book “Upside Down”.

Upside Down is a picture book. I think the author T.R. Rajesh made a very thoughtful step in creating this book in the upside down style. As this book is for age 3+ kids, it is the pictures that convey the message. The concept of this book is very good. Sitting with the kid opposite to her and the book in-between them, the mother opens up the pages one by one. Here the upside down idea, the author has used, is found to be useful. The child sees the pictures as they should be while the mother is able to explain to her child about the elephant and temple, boat and river, children and school, cow and street, ducks and mud, women and fields and the owl and trees.

This book comes handy for a mother to put in plain words about nature, animals and common environment we come across in everyday life in small towns and villages.

The illustrations could have been better worked out. But it is a very good picture book for very young children, a good presentation of a new concept by the author.

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