Friday, June 11, 2010

More Bangla Rhymes for Tulika's Blogathon 4

I want to share some more Bangla songs and rhymes for Tulika’s Blogathon 4. How can I forget this clapping song? It reads in Bangla as:

Tai, tai, tai,
Mamar badi jai,
Mama diloo dudu bhatu
Boshe boshe khai,
Mami aelo thanga niyae,
Phuroot kore palai.

The translation:
Clap, clap, clap,
Going to my Mama’s (maternal uncle) house,
Mama gave some rice and milk,
I sit and eat,
When Mami (auntie) comes with a stick,
I run away at once.

This is another popular Lullaby which mothers and other elders sing to bring slumber to the little one. I also sang this song when I wanted to put my children to sleep, sometimes in an angry mood and more often with all the love in the patting on the back.

Ghum parani mashi pishi
Moder bari esho,
Khat debo palonk debo
Chouki pete bosho.
Bata bhore paan debo
Gaal bhore kheyo,
Khukur chokhey ghum nai
Ghum diye jeyo

Translated form:
Auntie’s who bring sleep
Visit our home,
Will bring for you the cot along with the bedding
For now sit on the chair.
Will give you the Paan (betel leaf) container filled with paan
To chew and enjoy as you stuff them in your cheek,
For now the Little One has no sleep in her eyes
Give her some sleep before you leave.

Some of the rhymes have little sense in them, maybe all because the song was sung to rhyme and the words were not so much thought about when they were formed. I feel some words have changed as they have come down from one to another. But these will remain a part of our close to our hearts.


  1. Translated version sounds good, but I am sure those who understand Bengali will like it

  2. Chowlaji, these songs are a part of the childhood days. Even with age these songs remain with us.
    Each state, each region of this country have their own the mother tongue...but these songs and rhymes are very much our own.
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Its good to document them...the traditional things are vanishing due to westernization....