Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bangla Rhyme for Tulika Blogathon 4

I’m really happy to be a part of Tulika’s Blogathon 4. It is interesting, remembering Grandma and Ma’s songs and rhymes for the kid...that too in our mother tongue.

Sharing one of the Bangla rhymes I grew up listening to as a kid. As a mother, the words of these rhymes fell out of my mouth for my children like unforgotten words.

This is more of a lullaby, but can be sung for the little one whenever the mother wants to. The mother sits cross legged on the floor, maybe on the mud washed floor, a hard cement floor or a mat. The baby sleeps on her lap and she sings...

Aaye aaye Chanda Mama teep diye ja,

Mach kutle muro debo,

Dhan bhangle kuro debo,

Kalo goroor doodh debo,

Doodh kete bati debo,

Aaye aaye Chanda Mama teep diye ja.

The mother cradles the child in her lap, makes an up and down movement of the folded leg... the side where the child’s head is placed. The soft swing movement goes on as she sings...

...she sings the first line, places the fingertip of her first finger on the child’s forehead and looks out inviting the Chanda Mama, the Moon, to come and put a tika on the child’s head.

...the meaning of the lullaby, the song, follows...

Come, come Chand mama, put a tika on the forehead,

When I cut the fish into pieces, I’ll give you the head,

I’ll give you the husk when I separate it from the paddy,

When I milch my black cow I’ll give you some milk,

And I’ll give you a bowl to drink the milk from,

Moon Uncle, come and put a tika on my child’s forehead.

The end words of each line rhymes with the next. As this song is repeated again and again, the cradling and the soft swing created by the lap brings sleep to the child.

Till date a Mother and Grandma’s song for the baby holds so much importance in the life of a child. These words become a part of life and bring pleasure and nostalgic memories even by remembering them.


  1. you know, i was trying to write down the songs which my grand mom and mom sang for us to sing them for nephew. felt really good reading this today.

  2. Madhu, these songs have come down from one generation to another...speaks a lot about our tradition and culture that still exist in the mind and heart of our people.
    So Aunt dear getting ready to sing for your Nephew. So nice of you dear.