Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Team India's Dismal Performance at T 20 World Cup Tournament

Last night while watching the Indian Idol show on television, it was a pleasure to see so many young talents. Many girls and boys have taken to singing...some as their first love and others for the love of music. Watching this programme, this was total paisa wasool...nah nah no time waste. It is good to see budding young days to come they can be pride of India.

And our cricketers, huh! have no place to hide their face. Dhoni and his boys lost their last match...last match which was their last hope to get a place in the semis. After the IPL now it is time to play The T20 World Cup on a foreign soil. Is it the foreign pitch and the field that brings in all the difference to their game? No excuses please.

After the loss, instead of feeling the shame, Dhoni comes out before the press with an excuse...IPL's late night parties is the main cause of their miserable performance. He wanted to save his face before the cricket fans of India. The IPL tournament which he was very much part of now stinks for him. He blames the late night parties enjoyed after each and every match...of which he was an essential part. Now he says, they are a tired lot...while playing for the country? Was IPL the sweet juicy mango...the juice coming down from the hand down to the elbows...was more money the sweetener? All the Indian cricketers showed so much enthusiasm for the IPL tournament. Now don’t be the fox who says ‘the grapes are sour’.

Instead of owning up for the defeat Dhoni’s behaviour is so childish at the moment. The World Cup is just ahead and we don’t expect childish thoughts from you. Grow up man grow up, own up your responsibilities, be it loss or win.

Time for the BCCI to have a close look to find out the cause of the dismal performance of our cricketers at the T20 Tournament.

The fans of this game have been let down by their heroes. Why play so much of the game when the body doesn’t allow.

The IPL no IS a money making machine for the huge number of cricketers...some who don’t even manage to sneak into the National Team.

It should be, ‘enough is enough’. The Indian Team should have such players who will give their best when playing for the country and not look for personal monetary gain.

Now IPL is on the back seat, the battle being fought by those very much IN IT. What did this do...BCCI you were there too with the IPL Tournament...and what you did with our boys...they say their energy level has drained out when it comes to to play for the country.

Jago Fans Jago...


  1. Look they are there to make big money. Cricket, is only coincidental.

  2. It is quick money they want forgetting the very rightful thought, "Country before self".
    Agree with you Chowlaji.

  3. Why in such a vast country we cant find more players, why we need the same players to over play?

  4. Renu,
    We do have players but where do they get a chance. In all honesty if selection is done properly, as you said, this vast country has talent. Recognise it and bring talent to the fore front. So much of money is there is this game...unknown faces hardly get a chance...