Friday, May 21, 2010

Mothers, Kids, Summer Vacation

This is the time when mothers, kids and summer vacation go together. This time...means the hot summer days...children kept away from the school...enjoy the long stretch of the holidays which they, why they, we all say The Summer Vacation.

A long holiday brings a tough time for the mothers. Children stay the whole day at home, fancy their every wants to be listened to, and get bored with nothing much to do at home.

No early rise, no hurrying up to get ready for the school, no everyday home work, no tension for unit tests, no tiffin box to carry to school, no heavy bag with so many text books and note books to burden the shoulder with and no teacher to see to the strict school discipline and above all no travel to and from school. So many NO’s make up the summer stay at home.

The other side has so much to say about. Lots of time to play indoor games...for Moms will never allow children to go out in the sun and suffer, and the computer becomes the best friend. DVD’s come from the library to watch movies in the AC room. Lots of good food, mummy cooks yummy yummy dishes for her child/children at home. Some go to attend summer classes and carry out their interests in...learn drawing, learn dance, learn music, learn to make clay models, and many more interesting things.

But children hate to sleep in the afternoon...why they should...only mummy wants a nap. There is so much more to do...dig into places where the pickle jars are stored and go on a rampage...when Mom realises so much has already gone into the stomach. Ice cream and cold drinks start vanishing at a very rapid pace.

The mother relives her childhood seeing her children. She recollects her childhood days and shares her memories with them.

Some children are lucky to spend some days in their native village with their grandparents, enjoying life that’s so different from their busy and hectic urban life. In the lap of nature they enjoy every moment. They see trees, flowers, fruits, animals, green fields, rivers, ponds, fishing, walking down the dusty roads with their elders meeting the village people. They enjoy the other side of life that exists in the midst of nature.

Some children miss their working mothers who like to make up their absence by letting them go to the Malls with their friends and play the different games there and eat the food of their choice. The parents, out of guilt, take the children to hill stations to spend some days. They make up their absence on weekends...going out for a movie and then having food at a good place with their children.

Summer holidays will come and go and once the school re-opens life is on the routine again.


  1. Your post reminded me of my childhood, when my mother would insist upon me to take a nap, and ultimately she will sleep and we will move out quietly:)...of course now a days I dont ever take a nap in the afternoon.

  2. It is a process through which all the mothers go and that too successfully.

  3. I remember how we got hold of the achar (china clay) jars kept in the Puja room and ate them...scoldings came later.
    In my childhood we didn't have AC's. Ma used to close all the doors and windows and the room would be dark and the fan whined away. She forced us to stay indoors and sometimes we fell asleep because of the darkness.
    Also remember those summer nights when we slept under the starry skies on the terrace.
    As for me I don't like afternoon naps.
    Renu nice to read your comment.

  4. That's one part of motherhood...

    Thanks Chowlaji.