Friday, May 7, 2010

Kasab’s Verdict and more Bitter Pills

Yesterday the country waited anxiously for the final verdict on Kasab. At last the country got to know that Kasab has got Death Penalty. Judge Tahaliyani gave the final verdict and Special Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam was all smiles after the final judgement was made.

Now the harder question arises. Kasab is not going to the gallows very soon. It will take years if we are to go by the counts - 50 pending cases and Kasab stands 51st in that row. Now to go to the gallows one has to be in a queue. Strange isn’t it?

The bitter pill we have to swallow is the huge amount of money that’ll be spent on him on a daily basis. He will be under special care as no harm has to come to him. Kasab’s lawyer will plead for clemency and next, it’ll be waiting time. Till his last breath Kasab will be living on the tax-payers money.

Terror threats and acts of terrorism have become so common that we have come to live with it. But for how long can life continue like this. A step forward in fighting against terrorism is to execute such inhuman people at the earliest so that it can be a lesson for others who have such vicious thoughts in mind.


  1. These are only excuses. I want to know as to how were the killers of Indira Gandhi hanged in quick decision making process?
    It is because it is time to play politics of Muslim votes that we are now discussing the waiting list.
    Who is stopping the govt to take decisions?
    How long do they take to increase their salaries?Why cant they show the same speed?

  2. I agree in toto.its frustrating to see so much money being spent on a terrorist whereas farmers committing suicide and none is bothered.

  3. Chowlaji,these people are totally drowned in the Pool of Hypocrisy. Each and everyone of them has got more self-interest than the interest related to the good of the country.
    Now they want that huge hike in their salaries. All for what???
    Where are they taking the country to only time can tell. Who knows by then the hammer will come down heavily on them...aggrieved people are out there...

  4. Hi Renu, first thanks for visiting this space and the comment. If only the govt thought about the poor at least poverty could be some extent. I wonder, do they really care for the farmers' problems?