Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sania-Shoaib-Ayesha Story and The Broken Triangle

It was more of media reporting that kept the Sania, Shoaib and Ayesha story making round for the last few days. The electronic media found more food in reporting this love triangle with people getting more and more interested in knowing about the happenings. The print media was not lagging behind either.

People’s thoughts began to weave a story in their mind, a Bollywood masala in the making. Shoiab, the hero of this whole happening pretended to be so innocent that he came up before the television reporters by fumbling with the name of Ayesha, reflecting his anonymity of not even knowing the name of this girl with whom he was married. Whoever saw him taking the name of Ayesha, saw the fumble in spelling out Ayesha’s name in public, but one could very well read his wary thoughts.

Sania braved the situation cleverly without even a single question being put to her about her recent engagement break-up and soon linking her name with the Pakistani cricketing star. What is in her mind about her future career only Sania knows.

Ayesha was more looked upon as building up a story like one from the fairy tale. Some believed her while others ignored her and thought her coming out in front of the world to speak out about her marriage to Shoaib, more of a cock and bull story.

Having read the news about betting on the Sania-Shoaib marriage, money was in the making for many betters.

As all these talks began to brew in a pot, it took some time for the fire to cool down. At last Shoaib, had to pour a vessel full of cold water on the burning fire. He signed the divorce papers thus breaking up his first marriage with Ayesha. Ayesha’s family was happy at letting the world know that theirs was not a tell-tale story. And in all this Sania’s family has gone behind closed doors not speaking out in public.

Such marriage stories of very popular personalities add more glamour to their life and career. They become more popular maybe at times for wrong reasons. But they do like to be in the news so that people don’t forget them.

Who has won and who has lost only time will tell. Who has earned money and whose pocket has been looted only the concerned persons know.

The triangle has been broken and left with two parallel lines...of marriage between the two who will now live their lives together and run parallel in their different sporting fields.

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