Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let Cricket be Cricket - The Game That It Is...

What’s happening in the cricket arena is a sad episode. The IPL has created such a hullabaloo that this noise pollution will take some time to drown. The game of cricket was lost in all the mess and the dirt, to be more precise, was just popping its head from the dirty mud tank to make its presence be felt as the final of the IPL 3 brought down the curtains for this season.

The IPL blame game was all because of the huge amount of money that was associated with it. So many Bigwigs who are a part of it are now washing their dirty linen clean in the water of the "Political Ganga”. Some are the guardians of power which makes it all the more easy to clean themselves in this tank.

What has so much Glamour to do with Cricket when the game in itself is so glamorous. Cheer girls had been brought in the earlier IPL tournament for whom??? - is something to ponder about. Women in the stadium in short dresses and colourful pom-pom’s in their hands, is not in the interest of the game. The late night parties after an IPL game was all for the interest of the organisers. Happenings at such party-sharty is for a handful of Kha-aas People and more of a fairy tale and distant dream of the Aam Aadmi.

Money, glamour, women, glitz and much more that only the organisers can tell about, which will remain locked in cupboards, is all because of the money that came unaccounted and is tax-free for them. I say tax-free because the top brass in the government never bothered that this could bring in so much “tax-money” to the country’s coffer. After all the common man is always there to pay his/her income tax religiously every year.

This whole IPL controversy can never be a one-man show. But now the partners are trying to save their skin and come out clean as "dhood ka dhoola". It’s become a "Pitch of Ditch". These people will bat and bowl for such time till the whole issue cools down and then foes will become friends again for all are hand in glove in this whole dirty affair.

Cricket is the game that people love to see, why bring politics into it. Let the players be sincere in the field with the bat and the ball and let people clap to their hearts content when their favourite cricket stars perform well in the game. Leave cricket to survive as the Game That It Is.


  1. IPL is not cricket, it is entertainment, it is business, it has a lot of money involved.Why blame Modi alone?

  2. It is sad to see a game turning into entertainment arena and money making machine. Why trap Modi and let the Huge Fishes swim freely. But Modi is going to be a tough nut to crack for his friends who have now become his foe.
    Thanks Chowlaji for your comment.