Wednesday, April 21, 2010

IPL – Loser or Winner

As the days roll on the story of IPL is getting dirtier. The whole IPL saga sings more about dirty money, betting, entertainment, glamour, women, and a Pandora’s Box full of controversies. In all this mess that is doing rounds, the game of Cricket is starting to rot.

Big names are coming up one after another and now it seems that IPL was born and nourished by a handful to make big money. In this entire story the followers of IPL have been fooled as they are the viewers and spectators who is making this whole money making machine work easily.

There is a way that can be worked out to stop this dirty affair of money making come to an end. Once the people stop watching the IPL matches on television, the advertisement world will not pump in their money on a loss project. Another way of blocking the rich getting richer with our money is by not being a spectator in the cricketing field where these matches are played.

Whatever be the outcome of the Damaged IPL, the Cricket Test Matches and The One Day matches will always be close to the hearts of the cricket lovers.


  1. Whatever comes out of the investigations is a seperate issue.
    At the moment, it is spirit of cricket which is a loser.

  2. So much happening on the cricket front,but the game of cricket will not lose its spirit. After all the game of cricket has international fan following. As cricket is not India's national game, it hardly makes a difference if fan following graph of India gets a downward trend.
    Thanks Chowlaji for your comment.