Tuesday, March 2, 2010

World Cup Hockey 2010 – India Wins First Match

I sat watching on the television the two teams - India and Pakistan - lining up to start their first match. When the Indian National Anthem was played it brought tears to my eyes. These were not the tears of sadness but that of a sense of pleasure overcoming my emotions. The Anthem itself brings the sense of pride and love, and my sentiments ran wild and fast. Don’t know why? But there was that strong feeling for my country...of love and adoration and honour.

Soon the match started, arch rivals playing against one another, India vs Pakistan.

Why am I talking of all this...emotions, admiration, love, pride and...when I’ve dedicated this space for Hockey, that too the World Cup being played in the Dhyan Chand National Stadium, Delhi.

Till the day the World Cup Hockey tournament started there was little hope about the attention this event would get. For the third match of the opening day (February 28, 2010), I mean this India-Pakistan match, the stadium stands were mostly full. This shows the interest people still have for our National Game.

From the beginning Indian players were at their best. They managed with 4 goals having missed a very near 2 more. The players excelled in all areas.

For the Pakistanis, they struggled, missing their opportunities to convert the penalty corners to goals. At last they could hit the ball into the goal post for a lone goal.

For sure Indians across the country are happy with the performance of the players. Today (March 2, 2010) India takes on Australia. A win over them makes it easy for the Indian team to reach the semi-finals.

Fingers crossed I’ll watch today’s match and cheer from my drawing room sitting area for the players.

The Hockey players have shown their talent and skill on the field and with that people have also raised their interest bar in this game.

One more win today and I’ll shout, “Jai Ho Hockey our National Game”.

With this sweet note...

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