Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Women’s Reservation Bill and the BUZZ Around

To be very frank I am a fence-sitter on the Women’s Reservation Bill. Sincerely I’m against Reservation. Getting or reaching out to something under the Category of Reservation or in simple words under the Quota category is like grabbing something With an external force.

Women have worked hard to reach the place they are in. They need no sympathy to be what they are. They have the mind, will, power and determination to do and achieve what they want.

I am never in favour of Reservation of any kind. In this country the number of the Poor, living below the poverty line, is very much visible. In the name of Politics many nasty games are played and one among the many is in the name of Reservation. If at all the political parties are interested in giving privilege to the people of this country, time to stop increasing the quota percentage in the different categories. Think about the poor and draw the below poverty line edge and give these Economically backward people Reservation so that they can come up.

Surely most people will not agree with me. They will think many times and in the end come up saying 'this is not possible and not for the good of the country'.

If women want to get Reservation, it means they are weak and feeble, not able to stand on their own feet, instead will be tagged as babies who are making an effort to stand up but need support to stand on their own.

This Reservation will be more of a support than showing off before the world, “We are, we can and we will on our own”.

Look across the globe and you can find women adorning the highest place. Education can make a lot of difference in a woman’s life. And that’s the first stepping stone and not Reservation.


  1. I agree to you in toto..exactly thats my thought also that education, not reservation is the remedy..be it for women or poor.

  2. At times I wonder why women don't understand their own position. Literacy will improve the situation to a larger extent...not totally.