Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Unusual Visitor with Hawk-like Stare

                                        An Unusual Visitor

Few days back I had the chance to meet an unusual visitor. That day I returned home from work late afternoon. With the chill in the air it was pleasant to walk down the colony road to reach home. The breeze and the sunshine, both sang the same tune...the cold did not bite and the sunshine did not hurt either.

Afternoon lunch was a lonely affair...sitting alone, eating my cooked food. Later I wanted to spend some time out in the balcony...the one at the back. It was then I met this Unusual Visitor perched on the electric pole very close to my balcony. This big bird was immersed in its Birdie Thoughts.

                                       The Bird with Hawky Stare

I clinched the opportunity to capture the image of this visitor in my camera. This bird does not have good looks and it seems it belongs to the Hawk family. And the eyes with sharp looks...that hawky stare. Never mind, after all I could get to see this rare bird.

Hardly do we see birds these days with all the trees vanishing. It made me happy to catch a glimpse of this rare bird.


  1. Oma ... ei blog ta toh dekhai hoyeni amar! Amar o aro duto blog ache ... ekta travelogue ar ekta chotokhato kaaj ar kobitar. :-)
    Ekhon apnar ei blog ta purota porbo. :-)

  2. Hi Sharmila, thanks for visiting this blogspot. A comment does make a difference...
    I'll visit your other bogspots.

    Hope to see you here again