Friday, March 5, 2010

Hockey World Cup 2010 – When India loses to Spain...

Yesterday as I sat watching India playing their third match - India vs Spain - there was nothing to be happy about. What has happened to the Indian team that played against Pakistan, a win over them and hopes of every Indian rising to see his/her country’s hockey making a place in this Hockey World Cup? Indian hopes have been shattered, Indian team losing to Spain playing before the home crowd in their home ground.

This brings to mind many diverse thoughts:

Why this sudden change in the attitude of the players.

The defence was weak and there was enough gaps for the opponents to give the finish.

Did the Indian players not do their home work before coming out to play?

Sad affair they couldn't convert the penalty corners.

To say without Shivendra Indian team has lost their moral boost. Just a plea.

Is the past rift between the Indian Hockey Federation and the players still going on which has demoralised the morals of the players?

So many questions have come up in the minds of the people but the end answer is - the mood of Indian Hockey lovers has dampened.

Media has written so much about the match that every hockey game lover has got the details even if they could not go to the stadium to watch the match or could not get time to watch it live on their television sets.

Still the remaining hockey matches will be watched with interest and enthusiasm even if India is not playing. After all the best team deserves to win and be cheered.

At least being the host country Indian Hockey could get a place in this tournament. But they have lost their chance.

Time for Indian Hockey to rise above the level they are in and stop being called “Under Dogs”.

Isn’t it?


  1. wow you are quite a hockey follower. I guess our Pakistan obsession means that nothing else matters. Including China's inroads into Arunachal

  2. I was...mark my word WAS...a good sportperson in my school and college days. Love different games and follow some, if not religiously, catch up by reading details from the sports coloumn.
    You last sentence does make a lot of sense, still the sing-song Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai...jingle of that inconsistency the mind???