Monday, March 8, 2010

Celebrating Women’s Day

When the 8th of March was chosen as the special and dedicated day for women across the globe, this was, to protect and promote certain causes of the women in general. There lies the secret of celebrating a day which has been stamped “Women’s Day” across the globe.

I don’t want to peek into the past but want to look at the present while aspiring for a better tomorrow, all for the cause of the still considered weaker section of the human society – the women lot.

Why only this day do we (women) have to be special. Women are special for they are Mother’s. 'Mother',  the word everyone has love and respect for.

Mother is the most respected word. We also address our country as “OUR MOTHERLAND”.

Women nurture, raise, nurse and care for people in and around their lives. What would the world be like without Women? A simple question but difficult for a reply.

Today, the Women’s Reservation Bill is waiting to be passed in both the houses of the Parliament. This too had to wait for years. If this goes through, surely it will make this Women’s Day phenomenal.

Jai ho and Happy Women’s Day.

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