Thursday, February 18, 2010

Terror Threat and the Sporting World

The Terror Threat alarm has already rung for the first ODI to be played between India and South Africa in Jaipur on Sunday (21 Feb. 2010).

Apart from this there has been report from Intelligence Agencies about terror strikes during various events to be held in India including the IPL matches, Hockey World Cup and the Commonwealth Games (CWG).

The government is making all efforts in giving assurance to the visiting countries of providing foolproof security for these upcoming events.

The whole picture that’s created due to the threat leaves a commoner’s mind to think how successful these sports will be when the dates are due. It also leaves behind the thought how many participating countries can make it for the events.

Delhi has made a huge facelift for the CWG and still more work has to be completed. But how successful will the Games be remains to be seen.

But for Delhites, no doubt this city is getting a better look day by day. At the end it is the people of Delhi who will enjoy every change even though they must have faced the huge trouble when the work was going on.

Keeping aside the terror threat the CWG is a big event of 2010 not only for the people of Delhi but for people across the globe.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and pray everything runs off smoothly.

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