Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sugar Sings Sweet

Today I poured another kilo of sugar into the empty jar. Rationing of sugar in a family is something which I, why only I, many households never thought about. Sugar prices have shot up within a few months.

Who has given the Shot at the rising prices of sugar? Of course the government and the concerned Minister. How much it may rise, with direct shots, my cup of tea is not going to go without sugar. Hey! I need sweetness in my tea.

Minister says ration your sugar. But we don’t have a Ration Card? Pheeew?

Minister says many people are suffering from Diabetes, eat less sugar. Haaah!!!

Minister, those who are not suffering from Sugar Ka Bimari will no doubt suffer from Loss of Sugar in their body. Ummm###

Some suffer from Diabetes and others are made to suffer from Loss of Sugar in their body. One way or the other the rise in sufferers from health problems are going to go up.

Standing at the cross roads of the Sugar problem in this country with the rising price, people will no doubt consume sugar even with the rising price.

After all Sugar-Sings-Sweet.

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