Friday, February 5, 2010

Rahul Gandhi - the Mumbai Local Train – Mumbai’s Life Line

I was in two minds whether to write on this or not. But once I have already started tapping on the keyboard why stay away from letting my creative juices from flowinga river never stops flowing and so my thoughts can go for the run.

The TV is on and I can hear the Bak bak (blabber). I like the company of the voice from the audio-visual system…the noisy TV when it is on…the chatterbox it is gives me the feeling of the presence of someone talking away.

My Idiot Box says…Rahul Gandhi the General Secretary of the Congress Party travels in a local train which is said to be the LifeLine of Mumbal. Fellow passengers are happy.

Hmm feed for the media and food for my thought.

Why do these people who are surrounded by Layers of Security do such acts meant for the Common Man – Aam Aadmi…travel in local trains.


The Security gobbles up most of the space and the VIP traveler is safe making the ordinary everyday man feel He has a heart and soul to be among them as a Commoner.

No no no, don’t go by such sporadic activities. They want a name and fame behind such deeds where Safety surrounds them at every juncture.

And there is Rahul in search of a bride. So maybe Rahul'S need Bride'S…a thought to ponder.

Something else:

In cricket, South African captain ignites the thinking of the Indian captain. Be careful India, try your best to clinch to your top position.

Price rise is making it difficult to cope with my monthly budget…Me…no others like me feel the same.

Nah nah nah I want to go back to Rahul again:

The name Rahul is catching waves…so many expecting mothers maybe thinking of naming their son Rahul.

So next time meeting a RahulPhewmaybe you’re mistaking the VIP for Aam Aadmi in the making. Wish he could be as great as Akbar the Great who thought for his people and came out in disguise to see the plight of his people.

I take the remote control in my hand to stop the babbler from making any more noise.

The Noisy has made me Nosey.

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