Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pune Blast and Security

The word Blast creates a picture of horror in the minds of the people. Whenever we hear of a blast taking place it is for sure something is happening that will cause harm. And as the word of the Pune Blast spread across the country, fear also spread with it. The sudden deadly happening once again makes us feel about the insecurity looming around us.

Word Blast sings a terror-jingle in the minds of the people. Terror seems to have spun its web and this web has time and again been woven anywhere and everywhere. This leaves behind a question in the minds of the people about the internal security of this country.

If we are to go by the meaning of Terror, we now first relate to Terrorists and then to their acts of Terrorism. No one is really interested in its Dictionary meaning for this word has clasped the mind more with the deadly happenings in the name of Terror.

No place seems safe enough as acts of terror can happen - any time any place. This brings to mind a simple question; “Has life become so cheap that it can be destroyed by anyone?”

Internal security is under threat and so also the lives of millions who live here. For how long can we live a life where fear is riding parallel with every moment of our life?

On a serious note, “Are we really advancing in every sphere without a thought of assurance to safety and security”? This question jabs my heart and I feel many more people have the same query.

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