Monday, February 22, 2010

Lemon TV – the RKB Show and Rakhi Sawant

Saturday evening, late evening, I was lazing on my bed and surfing the channels. I was in no mood to watch TV but wanted to pass my time. I stopped short when I saw Rakhi Sawant. It was the RKB Show on Lemon TV and Rakhi going live on the show.

I don’t know when this episode started, but I was there at some point. RKB was telling Rakhi the show was being telecast unedited.

Watching Rakhi is entertainment for me. I don’t take her seriously; she has a volume that blows loud her words. RKB asked her about her Swayambar programme on NDTV Imagine. It was a Reality Show. She said she was had been engaged to Elash in this reality show but now her engagement is broken…not interested in reasons…

This brings to mind how much we can trust the happenings of a Reality Show? But as I said earlier, viewing a reality show on the TV…if you’re not a regular for the show and don’t get totally engrossed in it…can be a time-pass for the moment in time you want to spend watching it.

At times I feel Rakhi has a loud voice and there is some honesty in her words…but not in total entirety.

After all it’s personal choice…likes and dislikes.

I really enjoyed those minutes watching this show sans seriousness.

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