Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cricket and the Afridi Ball- Bite Episode

As I watched Afridi in action on the field on the TV, at first I could not make out anything about his Ball-Bite Game. As the news was played over and over again on different television channels, I sat back to laugh at the happening on the field.

A player biting a ball in the cricket field, was for sure, not to suck any juice from it. Whatever is the ball…the red or the white… can never feed the hunger of anyone. But a ball for a bowler can feed his hunger of Taking Wickets.

Strange happening just enough for the cameras to capture…The Ball-Bite Episode…that’s what I can name it. For me I can fit this episode under the Genre of Humour, but if considered with a serious thought, this has been an absolute mockery of the Gentleman’s Game…what more to say tells of the character of the concerned person, more of his ill intensions of a game that brings him money for every game he plays.

Such happenings have brought more shame to the Game, which is losing its sheen. Too much of anything is not good, that’s been my feeling about Cricket which is happening with far too many games being played.

So much has been written and said about the Afridi episode that gives little space to add anything more to it.

To add fuel to fire Afridi has come out saying that ball tampering is done by others too and this is nothing new.
Dear Mr. Afridi, please keep quiet for the prestige of the game. After all you have been caught on camera and don’t play a blame game on others.

If cricket has to live long such happenings have to be stopped by the players themselves.

Let Cricket Live Long, as for the ball, It Is Not a Juicy Fruit so Don’t Bite It.

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