Friday, February 26, 2010

Big B and Dhoni with HONEY

My previous blog was about Sugar.

And now…
read on…

She asked me, “Hey how does your sugar taste?”

I looked at her, drawing my eyebrows towards one another, came out with a halka (soft) reply. “Of course neither sweet, nor sour and not bitter either”.

She looked at me and I knew another question was coming. “MEANS???” (in a confused tone)

“Simple”, was my reply. “But but but but but did see the Dabur Honey Ad…hidden secret.” (smiles)

In bewilderment she went her way.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sugar Sings Sweet

Today I poured another kilo of sugar into the empty jar. Rationing of sugar in a family is something which I, why only I, many households never thought about. Sugar prices have shot up within a few months.

Who has given the Shot at the rising prices of sugar? Of course the government and the concerned Minister. How much it may rise, with direct shots, my cup of tea is not going to go without sugar. Hey! I need sweetness in my tea.

Minister says ration your sugar. But we don’t have a Ration Card? Pheeew?

Minister says many people are suffering from Diabetes, eat less sugar. Haaah!!!

Minister, those who are not suffering from Sugar Ka Bimari will no doubt suffer from Loss of Sugar in their body. Ummm###

Some suffer from Diabetes and others are made to suffer from Loss of Sugar in their body. One way or the other the rise in sufferers from health problems are going to go up.

Standing at the cross roads of the Sugar problem in this country with the rising price, people will no doubt consume sugar even with the rising price.

After all Sugar-Sings-Sweet.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lemon TV – the RKB Show and Rakhi Sawant

Saturday evening, late evening, I was lazing on my bed and surfing the channels. I was in no mood to watch TV but wanted to pass my time. I stopped short when I saw Rakhi Sawant. It was the RKB Show on Lemon TV and Rakhi going live on the show.

I don’t know when this episode started, but I was there at some point. RKB was telling Rakhi the show was being telecast unedited.

Watching Rakhi is entertainment for me. I don’t take her seriously; she has a volume that blows loud her words. RKB asked her about her Swayambar programme on NDTV Imagine. It was a Reality Show. She said she was had been engaged to Elash in this reality show but now her engagement is broken…not interested in reasons…

This brings to mind how much we can trust the happenings of a Reality Show? But as I said earlier, viewing a reality show on the TV…if you’re not a regular for the show and don’t get totally engrossed in it…can be a time-pass for the moment in time you want to spend watching it.

At times I feel Rakhi has a loud voice and there is some honesty in her words…but not in total entirety.

After all it’s personal choice…likes and dislikes.

I really enjoyed those minutes watching this show sans seriousness.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cricket Cricket Once Again

Cricket cricket once again,
Sending message not in vain,
Players keep up country’s fame,
India on Number 1 spot again.

Cricket lovers are happy. Indian players have made them proud by winning the Test Match at Eden Garden. This win makes the Indian Team keep their No. 1 place in tact.

The cricketers have done the country proud.

In the upcoming Hockey World Cup tournament we want our players to make us proud. With the coming Commonwealth Games it is to be seen how many gold, silver and bronze medals India can clinch.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Terror Threat and the Sporting World

The Terror Threat alarm has already rung for the first ODI to be played between India and South Africa in Jaipur on Sunday (21 Feb. 2010).

Apart from this there has been report from Intelligence Agencies about terror strikes during various events to be held in India including the IPL matches, Hockey World Cup and the Commonwealth Games (CWG).

The government is making all efforts in giving assurance to the visiting countries of providing foolproof security for these upcoming events.

The whole picture that’s created due to the threat leaves a commoner’s mind to think how successful these sports will be when the dates are due. It also leaves behind the thought how many participating countries can make it for the events.

Delhi has made a huge facelift for the CWG and still more work has to be completed. But how successful will the Games be remains to be seen.

But for Delhites, no doubt this city is getting a better look day by day. At the end it is the people of Delhi who will enjoy every change even though they must have faced the huge trouble when the work was going on.

Keeping aside the terror threat the CWG is a big event of 2010 not only for the people of Delhi but for people across the globe.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and pray everything runs off smoothly.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pune Blast and Security

The word Blast creates a picture of horror in the minds of the people. Whenever we hear of a blast taking place it is for sure something is happening that will cause harm. And as the word of the Pune Blast spread across the country, fear also spread with it. The sudden deadly happening once again makes us feel about the insecurity looming around us.

Word Blast sings a terror-jingle in the minds of the people. Terror seems to have spun its web and this web has time and again been woven anywhere and everywhere. This leaves behind a question in the minds of the people about the internal security of this country.

If we are to go by the meaning of Terror, we now first relate to Terrorists and then to their acts of Terrorism. No one is really interested in its Dictionary meaning for this word has clasped the mind more with the deadly happenings in the name of Terror.

No place seems safe enough as acts of terror can happen - any time any place. This brings to mind a simple question; “Has life become so cheap that it can be destroyed by anyone?”

Internal security is under threat and so also the lives of millions who live here. For how long can we live a life where fear is riding parallel with every moment of our life?

On a serious note, “Are we really advancing in every sphere without a thought of assurance to safety and security”? This question jabs my heart and I feel many more people have the same query.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rahul Gandhi - the Mumbai Local Train – Mumbai’s Life Line

I was in two minds whether to write on this or not. But once I have already started tapping on the keyboard why stay away from letting my creative juices from flowinga river never stops flowing and so my thoughts can go for the run.

The TV is on and I can hear the Bak bak (blabber). I like the company of the voice from the audio-visual system…the noisy TV when it is on…the chatterbox it is gives me the feeling of the presence of someone talking away.

My Idiot Box says…Rahul Gandhi the General Secretary of the Congress Party travels in a local train which is said to be the LifeLine of Mumbal. Fellow passengers are happy.

Hmm feed for the media and food for my thought.

Why do these people who are surrounded by Layers of Security do such acts meant for the Common Man – Aam Aadmi…travel in local trains.


The Security gobbles up most of the space and the VIP traveler is safe making the ordinary everyday man feel He has a heart and soul to be among them as a Commoner.

No no no, don’t go by such sporadic activities. They want a name and fame behind such deeds where Safety surrounds them at every juncture.

And there is Rahul in search of a bride. So maybe Rahul'S need Bride'S…a thought to ponder.

Something else:

In cricket, South African captain ignites the thinking of the Indian captain. Be careful India, try your best to clinch to your top position.

Price rise is making it difficult to cope with my monthly budget…Me…no others like me feel the same.

Nah nah nah I want to go back to Rahul again:

The name Rahul is catching waves…so many expecting mothers maybe thinking of naming their son Rahul.

So next time meeting a RahulPhewmaybe you’re mistaking the VIP for Aam Aadmi in the making. Wish he could be as great as Akbar the Great who thought for his people and came out in disguise to see the plight of his people.

I take the remote control in my hand to stop the babbler from making any more noise.

The Noisy has made me Nosey.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cricket and the Afridi Ball- Bite Episode

As I watched Afridi in action on the field on the TV, at first I could not make out anything about his Ball-Bite Game. As the news was played over and over again on different television channels, I sat back to laugh at the happening on the field.

A player biting a ball in the cricket field, was for sure, not to suck any juice from it. Whatever is the ball…the red or the white… can never feed the hunger of anyone. But a ball for a bowler can feed his hunger of Taking Wickets.

Strange happening just enough for the cameras to capture…The Ball-Bite Episode…that’s what I can name it. For me I can fit this episode under the Genre of Humour, but if considered with a serious thought, this has been an absolute mockery of the Gentleman’s Game…what more to say tells of the character of the concerned person, more of his ill intensions of a game that brings him money for every game he plays.

Such happenings have brought more shame to the Game, which is losing its sheen. Too much of anything is not good, that’s been my feeling about Cricket which is happening with far too many games being played.

So much has been written and said about the Afridi episode that gives little space to add anything more to it.

To add fuel to fire Afridi has come out saying that ball tampering is done by others too and this is nothing new.
Dear Mr. Afridi, please keep quiet for the prestige of the game. After all you have been caught on camera and don’t play a blame game on others.

If cricket has to live long such happenings have to be stopped by the players themselves.

Let Cricket Live Long, as for the ball, It Is Not a Juicy Fruit so Don’t Bite It.