Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Cold and the Heat

As the days are passing, months are marching ahead with the days beat. Seconds, minutes and hours are beating their own rhythmic drums to let time push ahead. For me time is running at a much faster pace than the Time I saw in my childhood. I’ll talk about That Time some other day.

With the advancing days it’s getting cooler. The woolen clothes that had been lying in closed cupboards and boxes are seeing better days now. They have come out of their cold dark hideout and have the advantage of seeing the face of the sun in broad daylight. They have got the warmth of the sun as I had placed then under the sunshine before using them. They are our winter protection and colourful too.

When it is cold it is wrong to say I can feel the heat. And of course it is very much here. It is the heat of the rising cost of living. While the cost of living has gone up, our requirements remain the same. With the rising cost it no doubt hurts the purse where there is money for a monthly budget. Outflow from the purse has gone up but the inflow remains the same.

Whatever be the situation we have to live with it. It is hope against hope that the ruling government, though knows about the facts of the rising market, has not yet found out any relief.

In this cold I can very much feel the heat. But then, this is a part of life.

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