Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not Strange…Simply simple

It has been days I wrote. Reason is simple; I’d been away from home. My little space in my home gives me the comfort to write and express my thoughts. I missed my favourite writing place, why writing alone it is the sitting space and my dearest computer that I missed. And above all I switch on the TV and let it do all the “bak bak”, I mean all the talking while I sit and write. Another bit about my TV, it never disturbs me instead gives me the time to look at it when I lose my expression.

This reminds me of those school days when the transistor would be singing the tunes of the songs while I studied. Talking about the transistor do the children of today know about it? No, they know LCD TV’s, Computers, Play Stations, and many things that I, why I it is we, didn’t know about.

Hah! Time has advanced so fast. And now we talk about finding water on the moon. And who knows where our Gen next, next, next, next, and how many next’s to add when they may find place and home on the moon.

No not a thought of fantasy I may say.

Agree or not it’s up to you.

Now I can think about winter and the cold days that I’ll enjoy. Lots of vegetables and fruits and of course I’ll have to add more flowers (flowering plants) in my little garden… all the colours in one place to make me happy.

Watch out for more colours next time, few pictures of course.

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