Friday, November 6, 2009

Cricket Continued (4)

My Writing Chart (WC) today says, “Write about cricket yaar. The India/Australia one day series has not come to an end. There is still time to write about this game. You had said earlier cricket has been curried. I can top up your curry with another thought, believe me, it is very genuine. I add Worry to your curry...another ingredient that may add flavour to your curry”.

Now I feel my Writing Chart is doing a lot of chatting. So, “Dear WC please elaborate your thought.”

The Worry topping is all about Injury. Did you not find some of the Aussies packing their bags and heading home? Yaar same with our home team, that’s the Effect of too much cricket. Agree or not?”

WC, agreed. Yesterday India lost the game and what a nail biting finish it was. For Sachin Tendulkar it was a lucky day, another record and a big score to his credit. The Aussies are leading the series as of now. Hyderabad was not a lucky venue for India yesterday, let’s hope they do better in the next two games at Guwahati and Mumbai and lift the trophy. Let’s wait for the next match. No more cricket for today.”

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