Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cricket Continued (3)

Yesterday Australia won to level at 2/2. When India won the last match in Delhi, there was much expectation from the people that India would also win the match played in Mohali…expected continuous third win. But the end said it all.

Talking about umpiring errors, there has been and will be. The topic of umpires making errors took the front seat when Tendulkar was given out LBW. After losing the match, Dhoni said Tendukar’s out was one cause of losing. If he would have been bowled out, then what would be the thought? The others in line have to play well to win. There have been times when batsmen coming much lower down the order have helped to win a match.

With too much cricket there has also been concern about the fitness of players. Cricket is the game which brings quick fame and money. Players too want to be selected and play all the matches, and Fitness and Form can only give them a place in the national squad.

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