Thursday, November 5, 2009

Benefits of Walking

In my previous post when I wrote about cricket, I mentioned about Fitness. For me Fitness means “good physical condition of a human body and of being in good shape”. This is totally my view and I feel remaining physically fit helps to be in a healthy mind too. There are ways of keeping fit and each individual can find his/her way to keep fit.
One of the best ways is going for walks. The parks in city areas have walking tracks and a large number of people-men, women and even youth-can be found everyday walking along the track for fitness. Some go for morning walks and many others have time for evening walks. Elderly people have time for both morning and evening walk.

It is best to go for a walk in comfortable clothes and fine if you wear a pair of sports shoes. It is not the time to show off brands like Nike, Reebok or any other but all that matters is the way you take you walk and the time that has been spent on your fitness programme. Being regular is the secret of fitness. Lazy ones come for a day and then laze in their homes and turn up when their moods beckon them.

Another benefit of going out for a walk is you get lot of fresh air and at the same time find friends among the walkers and sometimes like minded people become very good friends.

Walk also helps to control blood pressure, lose weight and at the same time keep weight within healthy limits, decrease risk of heart attack, helps maintain the cholesterol level and also lowers risk of type 2 diabetes.

If walk is taken for a purpose it should be with a brisk pace for about half an hour everyday. A days rest in a week can do but a regular walker doesn’t like to stay back without reason.

Keep fit with a steady walking routine.

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